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concrete mixing plant

How to build a concrete mixing plant?

June 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant as a construction machinery and equipment, is a very large system, only from the equipment level will occupy a pretty large slice of the daily expenses, which also greatly increases the old cost of concrete mixing plant. In addition, the production of mixing plant manufacturers more, invariably enhance the competitive ability. The old cost management of the mixing plant is indispensable, every stage of the need to try to manage savings, control the old cost, to promote the steady development of the mixing plant.

Want to choose a set of more practical, cost-effective mixing plant, where the money is spent on it? What is expensive about this concrete mixing plant? Compared with other’s, where is the cheap? You need to know!

To know what is needed to operate a concrete mixing plant and what are the costs, NFLG with years of service experience to tell you:

Concrete mixing plant supporting equipment

Concrete mixing plant is the main part of your configuration of the concrete production line, but also spend more money, NFLG’s concrete mixing plant, supporting equipment more complete, cost-effective, NFLG can also help provide from site design to the development and production of a full set of equipment overall solution.

Cost of raw materials for mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant labor is large, using more materials. In this way, there is a small amount of raw material spending and consumption, but the hot will always be sure to spend and consume a large number. In the construction workflow, the production of raw materials should get reasonable use, raw materials should be acquired and then exercised.


Mainly for the fuel consumption of various vehicles, mainly including the cost of mixer trucks, pump trucks, loaders, etc., which can generally be calculated through statistics.

Staff Wages

General concrete mixing plant unit staff wages and the total amount of production or a linear relationship, this depends on the wage level and the situation of each enterprise.

Equipment Depreciation

These need to be considered is the depreciation life, which is the total amount of equipment / five years of expected production, that is, the cost of depreciation of equipment in each square of concrete.

Marketing Costs

Including the costs incurred by the marketing department in the sales process of concrete mixing plant (catering, entertainment, rebates, etc.), this cost should be controlled within a range.

Utilities, communication costs

Water is a very important production factor for the production of mixing mortar, and electricity is a very important production factor for the production of mixing concrete. Should establish the production system of mixing station circulation system tap water, and at the same time should supervise the use of electric power project of mixing station. Assuming that the production equipment is not in use, the switch power should be disconnected to lower the efficacy consumption when dormant.

Cost of consumables

The cost of certain consumables of concrete mixing plant, such as pump pipe and S-valve for pump truck, oil, oil filter, air filter and tire consumption for mixer truck (the same for pump truck and loader truck), liner plate, mixing arm and oil for forced mixer, etc.

Equipment maintenance cost

Concrete mixing plant to do a good job of basic maintenance and conservation work, registration check, registration inspection, registration inspection of common failures occurring in the equipment, reduce equipment consumption, to avoid equipment can not be all normal production. This expense is to save a large amount of maintenance costs.

Our concrete mixing plant supporting equipment is more complete, better service, after-sales customer satisfaction, you can decide whether to buy after consulting our regular customers. Many years of experience in production, design and service, I believe, there is no mistake in choosing us!

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