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NFLG concrete mixing plant

How much does it cost to buy a concrete mixing plant, used or brand new?

June 28, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is a kind of large mechanical equipment of concrete production line. compared to some equipment. it may be relatively expensive. then there are customers want to buy used. so buy used is really affordable?

Which is more affordable to buy a used concrete batching plant or a new concrete mixing plant? This is often asked by customers to our sales manager. so that our sales manager to give him some advice to facilitate the purchase of their own concrete mixing plant. according to the usual NFLG manager to give customers a brief description of the recommendations.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying used concrete mixing equipment

Used concrete mixer station price will be a little lower. mixer / mixing plant may have been refurbished. secondary recycling. etc.. recycled machinery and equipment will be sold directly or a slight transformation. sold. then you think about it. such concrete equipment. if you really buy back. good? Is it really good value for money? In fact. it is not. I recommend that you buy before you want these three aspects of the check. more secure.

1. Check the overall appearance of the mixer

2. Check the device

3. check the transmission device

The advantages and disadvantages of buying a new concrete mixing plant

New concrete mixer plant is new in terms of equipment structure. mixing performance. and concrete equipment price list. new machine steel and price. relative to the price of used equipment will be higher. but can make in the entire concrete production line to run normally. the fully automatic mixing metering feed and discharge. but also to get the desired environmental effects.

What are the disadvantages of buying a new concrete mixing plant? Because it is new. so for the time being there is no. NFLG new concrete mixing plant is more affordable. no matter the performance or function. price. etc.. the cost performance is higher.

So here we suggest again: do not buy used concrete mixing equipment. since you have to decide to invest or build a commercial concrete mixer station. you should choose a large manufacturer who sells concrete mixer/concrete mixing plant. you can not be greedy for cheap. plus the current price of steel. casting parts. motors. etc. have gone up. so used concrete mixing plant equipment must be purchased carefully.

Enough to buy a new concrete mixer plant how much

Concrete mixing plant is a concrete mixing plant. generally speaking. in the construction site. large. medium and small projects such as water conservancy construction will be used. commercial concrete mixing plant production is commercial concrete. the quality required is higher. then the cost of building a commercial concrete mixing plant is how much?

To know the cost of building a commercial concrete mixing plant. you need to have a general understanding of the commercial concrete mixing plant. and then look at its configuration and characteristics. so that you can have a rough budget.

How much does it cost to buy a concrete mixing plant?

To build a concrete batching plant. you need to know the demand for concrete. examine the site of the self-built concrete mixing plant. as well as the surrounding market and the approximate number of cubic meters of concrete needed for the project to be built; if the service target is commercial concrete for urban use. then you need to build a commercial mix mixing plant.

If it is only to meet the concrete used in the contracted projects. then it is possible to build an engineering mixing plant.

The cost of a large mixing plant for engineering and a large concrete batching plant is different. and the cost is affected by the model and manufacturer or the geographical location of the commercial concrete plant.

The models of large engineering mixing plants and concrete batching plants generally refer to: 120 concrete mixing plant. 180 mixing plant. 240 mixing plant or 270 mixing plant. and these mixing plants can be formed into double models or multi-model mixing plants.

The following NFLG will take you to understand the detailed configuration and equipment characteristics of a set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant:

1. A set of HZS120 concrete batching plant detailed configuration:

The whole set of equipment includes double horizontal forced shaft mixer. batching machine. cement silo and screw conveyor. tape conveyor. microcomputer control room.

Adopting JS series double horizontal forced shaft mixer. it can produce many kinds of concrete such as plastic and dry hard concrete. with high production efficiency. short mixing time and beautiful appearance. which is used in large and medium-sized building construction. road and bridge as well as prefabricated plants producing concrete products. and is ideal equipment for producing commercial concrete.

2. Features of HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment:

High efficiency mixing machine

Batching machine (high and stable weighing accuracy)

High stability inclined belt machine (external closed structure)

Weighing system with good precision (microcomputer control. high precision. tight sealing)

Higher performance of the fully automatic microcomputer control system (simulation of the workflow of the site. the whole process monitoring)

Higher standard performance (low noise. good effect)

Modular design. humanized service (design. guidance on installation and commissioning. training of mechanics)

NFLG focus on road construction machinery technology enterprises, has been committed to researching the most concerned concrete batching technology for customers.

In recent years, NFLG has launched fully automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment, environmentally friendly mobile concrete batching plant, concrete mixing building, precast mixing plant and so on, which lead the technical development of concrete mixing industry while meeting the needs of customers.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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