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Concrete mixing plant production of concrete, how to add raw materials!

June 21, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete produced in a concrete mixing plant is a mix of cement. aggregates. water and admixtures. mineral admixtures and other components in proportion to their needs. Nowadays the main direction of development of concrete production technology is durability. economy and high fluidity. We have to start with the denseness of the concrete. the structure of the internal pores. so as to increase the strength and durability of the concrete. and then optimize the mix ratio to reduce the production cost.

According to the above description. what NFLG can conclude is that the selection of raw materials for concrete production in concrete mixing plant is important! So know the role of raw materials. we can understand its importance. and then in the selection of raw materials to comply with the correct principles of selection.

The role of raw materials for concrete mixing plant

1. cement paste can wrap the surface of the aggregate and fill the aggregate voids. hardened with the required strength and durability. the fineness of cement. mineral composition and its strength on the work performance of concrete has a greater impact.

2. coarse aggregates in the concrete play a skeletal role. its large particle size. particle size and surface morphology and its match. etc. affect the concrete compactness and strength. Need to control the proportion of coarse aggregates. increase the density of the aggregate. thereby increasing the density of concrete.

3. fine aggregate in the concrete filler effect. it will affect the concrete wrapping. fluidity. pumpability. plasticity. The void ratio should be small. in order to save cement. the specific surface area is small. in order to reduce the water required to wet the surface of the aggregate.

4. fly ash in the concrete to fill the effect. micro-aggregate effect. can reduce the heat of hydration. increase the density of concrete. durability. fluidity. pumpability. plasticity. reduce concrete water secretion.

Yhe amount of burn loss on the concrete is relatively large: unburned carbon in fly ash is porous spongy. will cause the concrete water demand. admixture dosing increase.

Water demand ratio: good fly ash glass body. can increase the fluidity of concrete. reduce water consumption. water demand ratio is small for concrete strength. pumpability is beneficial.

Fineness: fly ash fineness mainly affects the water retention. wrapping. fluidity of concrete. not to let the concrete water secretion. in the concrete to play a comprehensive role in construction performance.

Water reducing agent plays an important role in concrete. it can be the concrete’s compatibility. wrapping. fluidity. reduce the water-cement ratio. increase the strength of concrete. delay the setting of cement. delay the release rate of exothermic hydration.

The selection of raw materials for concrete mixing plant principles

1. the use of reasonable mineral components. low water demand. small fineness of fly ash. can reduce the amount of water used in concrete. which is conducive to increasing the construction performance and strength of concrete. For the high water demand of fly ash. you can reduce the amount of water reducing agent. increase water consumption. in order to get good construction performance. but pay attention to the reduction of concrete strength.

2. in order to reduce production costs. try to reduce the amount of water used per square of concrete. increase the viscosity of the slurry. increase its adhesion to the coarse aggregate. reduce the amount of free water. can concrete pore structure. reduce pores and capillary channels. thereby increasing durability.

3. the choice of high density. reasonable ratio of coarse aggregate. can greatly increase the density of concrete. is conducive to the increase in strength. thereby saving costs.

4. the choice of water reducing agent. conducive to increasing the ease of concrete and construction performance.

Above we understand together the importance of concrete mixing plant raw materials in the production process of quality concrete. so you should be careful in the selection. NFLG also told you some selection principles based on their experience. of course. you can also choose according to their own experience.

Of course. the raw materials are selected. you choose the equipment? Where is the equipment for concrete production? What is the price of concrete mixing plant? Our concrete mixing plant has HZS25. HZS35. HZS50. HZS75. HZS90. HZS120. HZS180. HZS270. and double HZS90 mixing plant. many specifications and models for you to choose.

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