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How to add admixture to concrete mixing plant?

May 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete admixture is a chemical substance added in the mixing process of concrete mixing plant, accounting for less than 5% of the mass of cement, can significantly improve the performance of concrete. Concrete admixtures are characterized by a large number of varieties, small doses, a greater impact on the performance of concrete, less investment, quick results, and obvious technical and economic benefits.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, admixtures have been increasingly used, admixtures have become the fifth important component of concrete in addition to the four basic components.

In the production process of concrete mixing plant, in order to meet the specific needs, some admixtures need to be added during mixing, so that the concrete produced can meet the current needs of the project. Different admixtures will make the concrete show different characteristics. So, what are the common admixtures used in general production?

The amount of admixture added to concrete used, in general, should not exceed 5% of the mass of concrete. In terms of use function, the commonly used admixtures can be divided into five categories.

1. admixtures used to improve the flow requirements of concrete. For example: water reducing agent, water retaining agent, air-entraining agent, etc.

2. admixtures used to improve the setting and hardening properties of concrete. For example: retarder, quick setting agent, early strength agent, etc.

3. admixtures that can regulate the gas content in concrete. For example: foam agent, defoamer, air-entraining agent, hair Qi agent, etc.

4. can be used to improve the durability of concrete. For example: rust inhibitor, anti-corrosion agent, anti-seepage agent, etc.

5. In engineering construction, to meet some special performance needs. For example: coloring agent, expansion agent, alkali aggregate reaction inhibitor, etc.

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