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How to calculate the electricity of HZS75 small concrete mixing plant?

June 28, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

HZS75 concrete mixing plant is a small concrete production equipment, but compared with other machinery and equipment, it is also a larger equipment, this equipment generally customers in the purchase of its power consumption should also consider, because the electricity is not a small number.

The HZS75 mini concrete batching plant, as a type of concrete batch plant, is the same as the hzs90 concrete batching plant, which also uses a JS1000 forced double horizontal shaft mixer as the main mixing machine, but because it is equipped with a different batching machine and different feeding methods, prompting the HZS75 concrete batching plant’s The output is different from that of 60 type concrete batching plant, the output of concrete is theoretically 50 square meters per hour. So what is the power of this type of concrete batching plant? NFLG will give you a rough estimate based on our experience in serving customers.

How to calculate the electricity consumption of HZS75 small concrete mixing plant?

HZS75 small concrete batch plant is mainly composed of JS1000 mixer, PLD1600 batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, water/oil supply conveying system, operation control system, etc. And to calculate the total power of the whole 50 concrete mixing plant, you need to add up the motor power of the main mixer, the motor power of the concrete batching machine, the motor power of the screw conveyor and the motor power of the electric control system, and the resulting value is the total power of the whole concrete mixing plant.

HZS75 small concrete mixing plant how many kilowatts of electricity

According to the detailed parameter table of HZS75 concrete mixing plant, it is known that the total power is 115kw, but due to the different configurations of HZS75 concrete mixing plant required among different customers, its total power is also different, the specific amount or according to the actual configuration of the user’s choice to make a decision.

According to the total power of the HZS75 concrete batch plant, we can conclude that its hourly electricity consumption is 115 kW. And when the concrete batch plant is running, not the motor is running at the same time, then the actual power consumption is less than 115 kilowatts, that is, its power consumption is less than 115 degrees (another, the actual power consumption or according to the configuration of the equipment to do the decision, the configuration is different, power consumption is also different).

HZS75 small concrete mixing plant manufacturers

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