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What is the power consumption of HZS120 concrete mixing plant?

June 21, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

HZS120 concrete mixing plant belongs to the larger concrete production line equipment, like this equipment, many manufacturers who invest in it will be concerned about its energy consumption, such as power consumption, water consumption, etc., because these are also related to the cost and profits of manufacturers. So what is the power consumption of the HZS120 mixing plant?

How much electricity is consumed by HZS120 concrete mixing plant?

HZS120 mixing plant equipment mixes 1 square of commercial concrete and consumes about 1.56 degrees of electricity, each 120 mixing plant equipment company’s 120 station power consumption is not the same, need to be treated differently, and different manufacturers equipment power consumption is different, because of the different power-saving technology, NFLG’s 120 concrete batch plant using power-saving technology, power consumption is less, you can come to You can come to our factory to choose the suitable model for you.

Our HZS120 commercial mixing plant is composed of sand and gravel aggregate, cement, water, liquid admixture batching and measuring system, mixing system, electrical control system, camera monitoring system, communication system and steel structure, etc. It is suitable for large construction projects such as roads, bridges, dams, airports, ports and other places with large demand of commercial concrete such as urban commercial concrete.

HZS120 Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Mixing Machine Power Consumption

The mixing host of HZS120 commercial mixing plant, JS2000 horizontal shaft compulsory mixer, has strong mixing power, totaling 125.5 kilowatts, that is, the power consumption of commercial concrete 120 station is about 125 degrees per hour.

How many squares of concrete can a HZS120 batch plant produce in a month?

The production capacity of HZS120 concrete mixing plant is theoretically 120 cubic meters per hour. But how many cubic meters of commercial concrete can a 120 mixer produce in a month? There are many factors that affect this. But the main influencing factor is the demand of the project. Even if three shifts of people work, 24 hours at full capacity for 8 hours on average, it should be more than 1000 cubic meters, which is 30,000 cubic meters a month.

If you want to buy, downstream project volume is the main, and the mixer needs to be at least two (not need to be the same model, you can have another 75 station or 60 station to do emergency protection), so that a problem does not affect the normal production of commercial concrete. Mixer maintenance is very important, the number of maintenance overhaul will be reduced, relatively is to save time and effort. Therefore, when you buy concrete mixing plant with mixer in NFLG, it is better to choose 2 sets, so that 2 sets can work at the same time, but also 1 set of work, another standby, are a good choice.

HZS120 concrete mixing plant how much a set?

HZS120 mixing plant with an output of 120 square meters of commercial concrete per hour is a large commercial mixing equipment. This mixing plant of NFLG has the characteristics of stability, versatility, working principle, high degree of automation, more powerful management function and good performance. Our 120 concrete batch plant has better configuration, better control mode, better applicability and good after-sales service. In addition, the measurement is more accurate, mixing quality, higher production efficiency, lower energy consumption, greater use of standard parts, and good interchangeability performance.

Selecting HZS120 mixing plant, we understand: many customers want to choose a set of power-saving, easy to operate, good automation performance of modern concrete production equipment, and high requirements for after-sales service, these requirements, come to us.

NFLG focus on road construction machinery technology enterprises, has been committed to researching the most concerned mixing technology for customers.

In recent years, NFLG has launched fully automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment, environmentally friendly mobile concrete batch plant, concrete batch building, precast mixing plant and so on, which lead the technical development of batch industry while meeting the needs of customers.

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