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How to buy a good HZS90 concrete batching plant

June 28, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

A set of 50 concrete batching plant price of 1 square host 1 square machine mixing plant includes HZS90 mixing plant and hzs60 mixing plant. they are different in terms of raw material delivery and production per hour. and the cost is also different. their capacity is also different. so the price of the equipment is also different.

But their hosts are the same. and they all use JS1000 type forced mixer.

The main features of the HZS90 concrete batching plant with a 1-square mainframe:

1. No manual cleaning in the mixer. no sticky mixing shaft. no sticky mixing cylinder cover.

2. Additive scale adopts leakage technology. concrete production.

3. The water scale adopts the pressure discharge technology. and can easily realize the water addition and reduction. and the concrete collapse control.

There are many factors of the price of 1 party host HZS90 mixing plant

1. the output of the equipment. 1 party host HZS90 mixing plant quality is the main factor in determining its price. the fee in the purchase of concrete batching plant. do not only focus on the low price of equipment. quality is the prerequisite for the good operation of the concrete batching plant.

2. the origin of the equipment. there are differences in the price of 1 party mainframe HZS90 concrete batching plant in different regions. if the production of concrete batching plant in less geographic areas to buy equipment. then the price will be high. so consumers should consult as much as possible the price of each place. and then select a set suitable for them.

3. is that the equipment manufacturers are different. 1 party host HZS90 mixing plant price is also different. its technology and other processes are also different. Generally the equipment produced by large enterprises. to be more expensive than the small enterprises.

90 concrete batching plant mainly has material supply system. material metering system. mixing system and control system and other components. HZS90 concrete batching plant investment is less. more mobile. covers an area of small and other characteristics for investors to love.

HZS90 type concrete batching plant configuration parameters

Great Wall HZS90 type concrete batching plant choose js1500 type forced mixer. theoretical productivity is HZS90 cubic meters of concrete per hour. nominal capacity is 1500L; pld2400 batching machine has a batching capacity of 2400L. the discharge height is 3.8m. the height can be increased or decreased appropriately to meet the demand of discharge conveying; standard reference total weight is 97×103kg. solid base is needed Stable mixing plant.

How to choose the site for investment in HZS90 mixing plant?

The site of the mixing plant should be selected within the project site boundary. When available. it is advisable to select within the existing railroad land that needs to be modified or placed. When temporary land is needed. it is advisable to liaise with local projects to be developed; it is advisable to set up in a flat terrain. It should avoid the address which is easy to accumulate water and severe bad geology. and away from ecologically sensitive areas.

The site area of the mixing plant needs to be selected according to the production volume of the mixing plant model. to determine the area of the concrete batching plant. and then to plan the area of sand and gravel raw materials. office area. living area. parking area and other areas. comprehensive consideration. to meet the production needs. but also can not have traffic jam phenomenon. reasonable planning of the mixing plant site.

NFLG focus on road construction machinery technology enterprises, has been committed to researching the most concerned concrete mixing technology for customers.

In recent years, NFLG has launched fully automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment, environmentally friendly mobile concrete batching plant, concrete mixing building, precast mixing plant and so on, which lead the technical development of concrete mixing industry while meeting the needs of customers.

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