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NFLG-HZS75 concrete mixing plant advantages!

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What are the advantages of NFLG-HZS75 concrete mixing plant!

May 31, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

HZS75 concrete mixing plant is a flexible combination of double horizontal shaft mixer, batching machine and related equipment. This kind of simple mixing plant has the double superiority of independent use of single machine and batching machine forming concrete mixing plant with production capacity of 75m³/h or more, and it has simple structure, convenient dismantling and convenient construction; it is suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized prefabricated component plants and industrial and civil construction projects such as highways, bridges, water conservancy and docks. The HZS75 concrete mixing plant is a simple mixing plant with automatic feeding function, and the combination of double horizontal shaft mixer and batching machine can give full play to the advantages of batching machine and mixer.

NFLG’s HZS75 mixing plant can also be supplied according to user requirements, customers need concrete mixing plant host suitable for concrete construction projects, but also stand-alone use, but also as a supporting host of HZS75 mixing plant (building).

The above is the general introduction of HZS75 mixing plant, customers to buy a set of such equipment, the price is not low, so about its working principle, advantages, investment capital, etc., customers still want to know more. About these, we NFLG can explain for you in detail.

Working Principle of HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant

The working principle of the concrete mixing plant is to use cement as the cementitious material, to weigh the fly ash, cement, sand and some fine materials in proportion to the batching machine, after the weighing is finished, the operator starts the sand and stone belt motor to send the weighed ingredients to the measuring hopper, then add the additives and water to mix in the mixer, and after the required mixing effect is achieved, the ingredients are sent to the concrete tanker which is opened and transported out. After the required mixing effect is achieved, the ingredients are fed into the open concrete tanker and transported out.

When the mixing shaft rotates, on the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum will be turned upward, and on the other hand, the mixture will be pushed forward and backward along the axis, so that the mixture can be evenly mixed, thus having good mixing effect.

What are the advantages of NFLG-HZS75 concrete mixing plant mixing plant?

1. Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption: With JS forced double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, it can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry hard concrete, our HZS75 mixing plant reduces the friction and impact of materials, and the material flow is reasonable, which shortens the mixing time, increases the mixing efficiency and reduces the mixing energy consumption.

2. uniform and stable mixing: our HZS75 concrete mixing plant has two mixing shafts, the shaft is hung with mixing blades, when working, the rotating shaft drives the blades to shear, squeeze and flip the material in the cylinder to push the shadbush of the forced mixing effect, so that the material is mixed evenly in the violent relative movement, the liner, blade material is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron, the angle design is reasonable, the mixing effect is good, fast, and the mixing time is short. The liner and blades are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron, with reasonable angle design, good mixing effect, fast speed, even concrete mixing, short mixing time, long life of damaged parts, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

3、Low noise and long time: The reducer used in our HZS75 mixing plant is mixing reducer, with high efficiency, low noise and high torque; the blade and liner plate are made of alloy material, plus better heat treatment method, with long time.

We have many models of concrete mixing plant, respectively hzs50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, double hzs90, hzs120, hzs180, hzs240, hzs270, hzs300 and other concrete mixing plants, also have movable drum mixing plant equipment, welcome to consult and inspect, and buy the equipment you need!

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