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About NFLG

NFLG is an international professional company with a long-term focus on the development, manufacture and service of mixing equipment. NFLG’s business pattern is based on engineering mixing, driven by material handling and engineering mixing, and the new model of engineering digital intelligence and property-based service operation and management. It is also a total solution and service for green recycled building materials that are safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more intelligent.


NFLG has several production bases in China with modern standard workshops and intelligent, information-based manufacturing facilities, as well as a worldwide sales centre and after-sales service network system.


With more than 200 technical research and development staff and close partnerships with renowned universities and renowned research institutes, we provide a strong technical base for the field of engineering mixing.


Attaching importance to independent research and development and intellectual property protection, it has obtained 62 national invention patents, 647 utility model patents and 35 appearance patents.

Nearly 30 years of tireless work have resulted in international recognition of:

Authorized by China Association for the Promotion and Development of Bulk Cement and the Mortar Professional Committee of China Dispersal Association as “National Demonstration Enterprise of Ready-mixed Mortar Production and Related Equipment Manufacturing and its Demonstration Base”.

In 2003, the company obtained the GHOST certification of Russia

In 2008, the company was awarded CE certification by the European Union, and was named one of the top ten national brands by the China Construction Industry Association.


R&D Strength

NFLG focuses on the field of commercial concrete engineering mixing, continuous research and development, fully mastering the core technologies of concrete and solid waste recycling, and has the comprehensive strength of integrating research and development, design, manufacturing and service.

Digital production

NFLG's advanced CNC equipment is the basis for creating a digital workshop with information, data and intelligence in one, and promoting the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology.

Experimental Center

We have built up a comprehensive test platform for material applications, including laboratories for chemistry, mechanics, materials, minerals, particle size, oils, asphalt and other multidisciplinary fields, and established a complete data resource for all kinds of aggregates. We have established a complete data resource for all types of aggregates, providing data to verify the application of engineering mixing products and cutting-edge technologies in the field of materials.

Cloud Platform

Based on automation control and IoT technology, it enables the collection of equipment operating conditions and health parameters. The data is sent to the cloud server through the internet and wireless network, and after professional analysis by the technical and service team Proactively provide value-added services for remote diagnosis, equipment maintenance, energy saving and operational assistance management for customer equipment.