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Small concrete mixing plant advantages

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Is it better to have a large concrete mixing plant or a small one?

May 31, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

There are large and small concrete mixing plants, large mixing plant is the concrete output is relatively high, for engineering and construction, roads and bridges, water conservancy and hydropower, etc., small mixing plant is the output is lower, for rural towns to build roads, construction of houses, as to which to choose, but also depends on the actual needs of customers and the footprint.

Small concrete mixing plant small, large mixing plant? Do not underestimate a small set of small concrete mixing plant, which sometimes plays an important role in construction, water conservancy, road building and other aspects. It has some advantages that large mixing plants do not have the performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of large commercial mixing plant

Advantages: The large commercial mixing plant has high intelligence, high production capacity, high metering accuracy, and can produce continuously for a long time with multiple bin numbers and multiple ratios. The main mixing machine adopts the spiral double horizontal shaft forced mixing machine, which has strong mixing performance, uniform and rapid mixing, high productivity, and can achieve good mixing effect for dry hard, plastic and various ratios of concrete. The operation of powder is carried out in a closed system, with strong environmental protection, and the intensive and efficient production method can greatly save concrete materials and reduce costs.

Disadvantages: high investment budget, high configuration requirements, large demand for sites to build the station, a series of market planning and investigation work should be done.

Advantages and disadvantages of small commercial mixing plant

The configuration of small commercial mixing plant is not too high, the investment is not too big, and the payback is relatively fast. The whole plant covers an area of not much space, and only a few manpower and time are needed to complete its maintenance work in daily operation, which reduces human and financial costs and has a wide range of applications.

1. Better strength structure design

The better strength structure design of the small concrete mixing plant is a big advantage, the overall steel structure is mostly made of better H-beam, the overall structure has high strength and good stability performance. Beautiful appearance, easy and fast installation; at the same time, suitable for a variety of complex terrain structure; easy to relocate, for users who often carry the project site, the full performance of the advantages of reuse.

2. Mixing effect

Small concrete mixing plant has better mixing performance. The main mixing machine adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixing machine, which has strong mixing performance, uniform mixing and high productivity. For the dry hard, plastic and proportional concrete can achieve good mixing effect. Such as: rural construction or bridge and pavement construction.

3. Stable running components

Small concrete mixing plant has supporting equipment running more stable, more accurate measurement performance, longer use time, better mixing host, screw conveyor, pneumatic components, measurement sensors, electrical components, etc.

4. Easy maintenance

Small concrete mixing plant are good maintenance, because the equipment is small, equipment is not so much, as long as it takes a few manpower and moment can steadily make the normal operation of small concrete mixing plant.

In the construction machinery industry production for so many years, we believe that not small things are not good, but you have to choose a good manufacturer, choose good equipment, so that your production line equipment as good as your concrete production line can produce better aggregates.

In summary, NFLG’s small concrete mixing plant has more advantages, large commercial mixing plant, we also have a lot of uses, so that you can buy at ease, if you need to consult the purchase, welcome to call our sales hotline.

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