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What do you need to pay attention to in the safe production of concrete mixing plant Ⅰ

June 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is a large concrete production equipment, for those who operate it, they should be familiar with its operation process and be able to operate it correctly, only by carrying out safe operation, the mixing plant can produce volume. So, here, NFLG provides you some concrete mixing plant safe operation process.

Before working in the mixing plant

1. The installation of the commercial mixing plant equipment should be carried out by the personnel according to the factory manual, and the commissioning should be organized under the auspices of the personnel, and the plant should be put into operation only after the performance indicators are qualified and accepted.

2. Checking items before operation shall be in accordance with the following requirements:

The transmission and movement parts of the mixing cylinder and each supporting mechanism, as well as the barn door, bucket door and track are free of foreign matter jammed.

The oil level of each lubricating oil tank is in accordance with the regulations.

Open the valve to discharge the excessive water in the gas-water separator in the airway system, and open the discharge screw of the air storage cylinder to release the oil-water mixture.

Lift the bucket or pull shovel wire rope installation, reel winding are correct, wire rope and pulley together with the provisions, lift the bucket and pull shovel brake Lingming .

Each bolt has been tightened, each inlet and discharge valve has no limited wear, the tension of each conveyor belt is appropriate and does not run off.

The control and display part of the weighing device works normally and its precision is in accordance with the regulations.

Each electrical device can control the mechanical action, and there is no obvious damage to the contact points and dynamic and static contacts.

When the mixing plant is working

1. The air compressor, belt conveyor and concrete mixer plant supporting the concrete mixing plant should implement the provisions of the regulations.

2. Qualified sand and stone aggregates should be prepared according to the performance of the concrete mixing plant, and those with grain size out of the permitted range should not be used.

3. All parts of the unit should be started gradually. After starting, the operation of each part and the indication of each instrument should be normal, and the pressure of oil, gas and water should be in line with the requirements before starting the operation.

4. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to enter the storage area and under the lifting bucket.

5. Before starting the mixing cylinder, the cover should be covered. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to put hands or feet into the hopper or mixing cylinder to touch.

6. When the pulling shovel is stuck by the obstacle, it shall not be forced to start pulling, shall not use the pulling shovel to lift heavy objects, and shall not be rotated in the process of pulling materials.

7. The mixer shall not be stopped when it is fully loaded. In case of failure or power failure, the power shall be cut off, the switch box shall be locked, the concrete in the mixing cylinder shall be cleaned up, and then troubleshooting or waiting for the power to be restored.

8. The machinery of cement concrete mixing plant shall not be overloaded. Check the operation of the motor. When abnormal sound or high temperature rise is found, it should be stopped for inspection. No forced operation when the voltage is too low.

After the mixing plant is shut down

1. Before shutting down the mixer, it should be unloaded first, and then close all the switches and pipelines in order. The cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and no material should be left in the pipe.

2. After operation, the mixing cylinder, discharge door and hopper should be cleaned and flushed with water, and the additional agent and its supply system should be flushed. The knife seat and knife mouth of the weighing system should be cleaned and the weighing accuracy should be made.

3. Discharge the water in the pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank during the freezing season, and start the pump and additive pump to run for 1-2min.

4. When the concrete mixing plant is transferred or stopped, the water tank, additive tank, cement, sand, stone storage hopper and weighing hopper should be emptied and cleaned. Transfer, the bar scale head balance weight scale bar should be fixed, the sensor should be unloaded.

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