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To improve the quality of concrete, the correct use of concrete mixing plant is the key!

May 31, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

As a manufacturer of concrete mixing plants for purchase, they also want to choose a good mixing plant to produce good concrete for themselves. Most know that concrete is an important building aggregate for construction, road building and other industries, and is related to the quality of construction of these more significant engineering industries, so good quality concrete is more important. To produce good quality concrete, NFLG feels that choosing and using a good concrete mixing plant is the key!

There are methods and principles for using concrete mixing plant, and we summarize the following methods and steps for you through the production of concrete mixing plant and service experience for customers:

1. Advance notice

The concrete mixing plant staff should notify the testing personnel of the mixing plant in advance of the grade, quantity, construction part and construction method of the concrete to be mixed on that day, and apply for the construction ratio.

2. Calculate the ratio

The testing personnel of the mixing plant shall take the sand and gravel materials to determine the water content before the opening of the tray, convert the theoretical concrete ratio into the construction ratio, fill in the construction batching notice, and be audited by the technical supervisor. In general, the water content should be measured 2 times per shift, and it should be measured on rainy days, and the concrete construction ratio should be adjusted according to the measurement results in time.

3. The material used is consistent with the ratio

The staff of the mixing plant will get the construction batching notice from the testing room of the mixing plant in advance, and must strictly follow the construction ratio of the testing room, and the materials used will be consistent with the ratio. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the ratio by non-testing personnel.

4. Set up the ratio sign

Mixing station in a conspicuous position to set up the construction ratio sign, and a person responsible for filling. The main contents of the sign shall include the construction site, construction team or group, name, origin and specifications of raw materials, design strength of concrete, theoretical concrete ratio, construction ratio, amount of concrete materials per plate, tester, person in charge and person in charge of construction, etc.

5. Arrival of laboratory personnel

The testers must be notified of their presence before the official opening of the tray.

6. Accurate weighing and measuring

The proportioning of each material shall be accurate, and strict weighing and automatic measurement shall not be used. Allowable range of material measurement error: water, cement, additives, external admixtures ± 1%, aggregates ± 2%. The concrete should be mixed by horizontal shaft, planetary or counter-flow forced mixer, and the raw materials should be measured by electronic measuring system. The measuring device of concrete mixing plant shall be calibrated by qualified measuring unit before use (site laboratory shall keep a calibration certificate). The materials used on site shall be consistent with the materials used in the indoor ratio test, and the ratio shall be readjusted when there is a change. When found that the site aggregate mud content than the indoor test, it is appropriate to slightly increase the amount of cement 10-20 kg/m3.

7. Storage specification of materials

The storage of cement, admixtures and adulterants in the mixing station should be standardized.

8. Mixing order and time

When mixing, it is appropriate to put fine aggregate, cement, mineral admixture and admixture into the mixer first, and then add the required amount of water after mixing evenly, and then put in coarse aggregate after the mortar is fully mixed, and continue to mix until evenly. The mixing time of the above stage should not be less than 30s, and the total mixing time should not be less than 2min, and not more than 3min. make the mixing uniform and sufficient, no segregation, no water secretion.

The admixture (powder) must be added using the weight method, and the volume method is strictly prohibited. Each mixing station shall be equipped with a record weighing one, packaged separately in small plastic bags, together with cement once added. Additives (water agent): the use of electronic measurement.

Each concrete mixing plant shall establish a material account for each work shift, such as cement, additives. The material account must be true, as the evaluation basis of concrete mixing quality.

9. do a good job of taking parts, sample-making work

The testing personnel shall strictly control the water-cement ratio, slump and sand content, and prohibit other personnel from adding water to the concrete at will. They should also take samples and make parts according to the regulations. The testing personnel of the mixing station shall not leave until the concrete mixing quality is stable, and shall return to check the concrete mixing quality. Fresh concrete slump and compatibility test every two hours.

10. Control the temperature of concrete into the mold

Before mixing concrete in winter, it should be calculated thermally first, so that the temperature of concrete into the mold can meet the regulations by heating the water or aggregate. When mixing concrete in hot season, it is advisable to take measures to reduce the temperature of concrete mix by setting up sunshade in the stockpile and using low temperature water to mix concrete, or mixing concrete in the evening and night as far as possible, so that the temperature of concrete into the mold can meet the regulations.

11. Good sampling work

The test room and site test room should randomly check the concrete mixing quality of the concrete mixing plant and take inspection specimens.

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Next, we will also popularize more knowledge about building, using and maintaining the mixing plant for you, welcome to keep following us!

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