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Which one to choose between used concrete mixing plant and new concrete mixing plant

May 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is a kind of large machinery and equipment for concrete production line, compared to some equipment, its price may be relatively expensive, then there are customers want to buy used, so buy used really affordable? Which is more affordable to buy a used concrete mixing plant or a new concrete mixing plant? This is often asked by customers to our sales manager, so that our sales manager to give him some advice to facilitate its purchase of concrete mixing plant suitable for their own, today’s advice is briefly introduced.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of buying used concrete mixing equipment

Used concrete mixer station price will be slightly lower, mixer / mixing plant may have been refurbished, secondary recycling, etc., recycled machinery and equipment will be sold directly or a slight transformation, sold, then you think about it, such concrete equipment, if you really buy back, good? Is it really good value for money? In fact, it is not, I recommend that you buy before you want these three aspects of the check, more secure.

1. check the overall appearance of the mixer

2. Check the device

3. check the transmission device

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new concrete mixer station

New concrete mixer plant in the equipment structure, mixing performance, and concrete equipment price list is new, new machine steel and price, relative to the price of used equipment will be higher, but can make in the entire concrete production line to run normally, the fully automatic mixing metering feed and discharge, but also to get the desired environmental effects.

What are the disadvantages of buying a new concrete mixing plant? Because it is new, so there is no one for now. The new concrete mixing plant of Kexin Construction Machinery is more affordable in terms of performance or function, price, etc., and has a higher cost performance.

So here we suggest again: don’t buy second-hand commercial concrete mixing plant equipment, since you have to decide to invest or build a concrete mixer station, you should choose a large manufacturer who sells concrete mixer/concrete mixing plant, you can’t be greedy for cheap, plus the current prices of steel, casting parts, motors, etc. have gone up, so second-hand concrete mixing plant equipment must be purchased carefully.

If you want to consult the concrete mixing plant equipment, pay attention to our website, you can get more information about the equipment and price information.

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