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How to buy used concrete mixing plant?

May 16, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Used concrete mixing plant equipment fasteners (such as bolts and nuts) should always be checked for looseness and tightened in time if found to be loose, especially some parts subject to variable amplitude loads. Always check whether the equipment of water supply, gas supply and admixture system is normal.

Check whether the electrical control system and each instrument are normal.

Check whether the mixing shaft and barrel of the concrete mixing plant are clean, and if there is too much concrete condensed on the mixing shaft, enter the finishing manually. Regularly sort out or replace the filter in the dust collector of the powder tank. If the downtime is more than a week, empty the materials in each measuring hopper (such as cement, water, admixture and various aggregates) and clean the mixing machine, hopper and other places to avoid material caking.

The height of the legs of cement silo is generally calculated by the technical personnel according to the orientation between cement silo and batching machine, main machine and the length of screw conveyor. Generally, the height of cement silo legs made by the manufacturer is 1.5 meters, but it will be adjusted accordingly according to the user’s demand, but no matter how to adjust the legs of cement silo, they should exist. Generally, when users buy cement silo, we will consult with customers and give them more suitable proposition according to the user’s usage and technical staff’s years of experience.

Used mixing plant equipment weighing system should be fully equipped

Aggregate Weighing System

The quantity of aggregate measurement of concrete mixing plant equipment depends on the measurement method. Generally, independent measurement is applied in the form of aggregate material site bin measurement with multiple scales (designed according to the number of bins), and one scale is applied in the form of aggregate batching machine with cumulative measurement.

Powder weighing system

When the powder of concrete mixing plant is only concrete and fly ash, it can be measured cumulatively with 1 scale, and when there are slag powder, expansion agent and other powders, concrete and other powders are measured independently with 2 scales, sometimes, even some customers will require each powder to correspond to a kind of weighing, which will certainly be more accurate.

Liquid Weighing System

The liquid measurement of concrete mixing plant equipment is divided into water and liquid admixture. Some companies use water flow to measure the amount of water in order to save cost. This method, the accuracy is not high, the later test block strength and other analysis has a great impact, so I recommend that customers equipped with the appropriate measuring equipment. In general, water and admixture are weighed separately, and after weighing, the admixture is mixed into the water weighing hopper.

Whether the size of the used mixing plant equipment, the material weighing system is essential, I hope you can look at it correctly, not to save costs and reduce the weighing device, which is not to lose.

Used mixing plant tells you how to heat the double-decker tank

So, how should we heat it in our daily life?

1. Direct heating method of steam and hot water: water vapor and hot water are heated by double-decker tank tubular heater and tanker heating jacket.

2. Hot water pad heating method: rely on the hot water pad under the oil to transfer heat to the oil. Constantly replenish hot water, replace cooling cold water, maintain the temperature of the hot water pad, and replenish heat through steam.

3. Direct steam heating method: Put sufficient water vapor directly into the heated double-layer tank. This method is easy to operate and has high thermal efficiency, but the condensate affects the oil quality and is only suitable for oil with low water content, such as fuel oil and agricultural diesel oil.

4. Heat transfer: Heat transfer is just like the process of drinking water in our daily life. Of course, cleaning and maintenance should not be carried out under the high temperature of double tanks. Cleaning in high temperature environment will definitely affect the use of double tanks.

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