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New Concrete Mixing Plant Break-in and Maintenance1

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Problems and maintenance of new concrete mixing plant during the break-in period

May 25, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

When a newly installed concrete mixing plant is used for the first time, it needs a break-in period, no matter between the equipment and the equipment, or between the equipment and the customer, or between the equipment and the operation department personnel.

New concrete mixing plant break-in period

1. Serious wear and tear of the equipment, the rate is too fast

Due to the roughness of the surface, the parts of the new concrete mixing plant may have incomplete coordination and uneven surface bearing stress. In such a state of work, the surface of the parts due to mutual nesting and friction, which in turn produces wear metal debris as secondary abrasive involved in the friction process, which will lead to increased wear on the surface of the parts. As a result, wear is severe and rapid during the break-in period. If it is in production and work during this period, the degree of breakage of the components will be serious, shortening the use of the equipment.

2. Insufficient lubrication

With the tightness of the parts is the key reason for the poor lubrication effect, the lubricant in the friction surface coverage and the formation of oil film degree is poor so that with the friction surface scratch each other.

3. Looseness between parts

When the temperature of the surrounding environment changes, the thermal expansion and contraction effect will cause different degrees of mutual differences in the size of the parts. This leads to the problem of loosening and poor fit of the originally fastened parts.

4. Personnel operation error

The unfamiliarity of the operator with the new equipment’s structure and precautions for use is the main reason for operation errors.

Before you use a new set of concrete mixing plant equipment, you have to understand that problems will occur in the concrete mixing plant on the basis of the correct treatment of the problems that exist in the break-in period of the equipment, and then to solve them.

The complete set of concrete mixing plant equipment includes mixing host, batching machine, conveying equipment, storage equipment, etc. No matter which part of the equipment, we need to understand and carry out maintenance, the following NFLG will explain some concrete mixing plant maintenance work during the break-in period.

New concrete mixing plant maintenance

Before the concrete mixing plant enters into the break-in period, it should prepare for the production work and carry out the production trial run, so as to make a good foundation for the normal operation of the break-in period. Preparation for production includes training of personnel, establishment of better operation procedures, and preparation of tools for maintenance and materials required for production. The trial production of a commercial concrete plant mainly includes checking the incoming and outgoing materials, weighing and dosing and inspection of the mixing equipment, no-load test run, and testing and adjustment of the commercial concrete plant. Calibration of weight accuracy and batching equipment is carried out and trial production is carried out. In the trial production, manual and automatic control should operate normally before the plant is allowed to operate during the break-in period.

During the break-in period, the concrete mixing plant should be operated in such a way that the lubrication points of the machinery are lubricated and the screws of the components are checked and tightened. The moving parts and transmission parts of the commercial concrete plant should have no impact, no jamming and no disconnection during operation.

Concrete mixing plant in the break-in period, we help you analyze the possible problems, then there is no problem, we should also pay attention to the daily maintenance work, only in this way, in the process of equipment use and operation, the problem can be less, the equipment can serve you better.

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