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How to maintain the concrete mixing plant?

June 1, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

The maintenance of concrete mixing plant is generally divided into weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, which is what we call major repair, minor repair, maintenance of the whole machine, etc. NFLG has been engaged in the production, design and after-sales service of concrete mixing plant for many years, about how to maintain these equipment, we already have better experience to share for you, please see the following introduction.

Check every week (every 50-60 hours)

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. Check the wear and damage of concrete mixing plant conveyor belt, repair and change when needed.

3. Check the oil level of the gear box when the mixing cylinder is driven by the blade, and inject the corresponding lubricant when needed.

4. Check the tension of V-belt driving device, and adjust it when needed.

5. Check the tightness of the bucket bolts of the hot material elevator, move and adjust the grating plate to facilitate the hot aggregate to enter the screen box.

6. Check the chain and head and tail shaft sprocket or active wheel of the hot material elevator, and change them when needed.

7. Check the induced draft fan for dust blockage – excessive dust can lead to intense vibration and abnormal bearing wear.

8. Check the gear box and add the lubricant in time when needed.

9. Check the connection parts and accessories of the tension sensor.

10. Check the tightness and wear of the screen, and change it when needed.

11. Check the clearance of the feed hopper break switch (if installed).

12. Check the wire rope for stripping and wear, check the top level limit switch and proximity switch.

13. Check the cleanliness of the stone powder weighing hopper outlet.

14. Lubrication of ore trolley drive bearings (if installed), winch gears and bearings of ore trolley doors.

15. The homing condition of dust collector check valve.

16. The wear condition of internal scraper of drying cylinder, driving chain strand, pin and lotus wheel of drying cylinder (chain driven), adjustment and wear of driving wheel coupling, supporting wheel and thrust wheel of drying cylinder (friction driven).

17. The wear of mixing cylinder blade, mixing arm and shaft seal, adjust or change when needed.

18. The blockage of asphalt spray pipe (self-flowing check the sealing of the door)

19. Check the oil level in the lubrication cup of the air circuit system, and fill it up when needed.

Monthly inspection and maintenance (every 200-250 running hours)

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. Check the tightness and wear of the chain, hopper and sprocket of the hot material elevator.

3. Replace the seal packing of powder screw conveyor.

4. Clean the impeller of the induced draft fan, check for rust and corrosion, and check the tightness of the foot bolt.

5. Check the wear and tear of the pyrometer (if installed)

6. The wear and tear of the hot aggregate bin level indicator device

7. Monitor the accuracy of the pyrometer and thermocouple on site with a high precision temperature indicator.

8. Check the scraping plate of the drying cylinder and change the scraping plate with serious wear.

9. Check the burner according to the burner operation manual.

10. Check the leakage of asphalt three-way valve.

Check the maintenance every three months (every 600-750 running hours).

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. Check the wear and tear of the inside of the hot hopper and the discharge door.

3. Check the damage of screen support spring and bearing seat, and adjust according to the manual if needed.

Inspection and maintenance every six months

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. Replacement of mixing cylinder blade and bearing grease.

3. Lubrication and maintenance for the whole motor of concrete mixing plant.

Annual inspection and maintenance

1. Lubricate the equipment according to the lubrication list.

2. Clean the gear box and gear shaft device and fill the corresponding lubricant.

Concrete mixing plant is the mixing equipment for concrete, stabilized soil, cement, asphalt and other important construction aggregates, which is also a large production equipment in the construction machinery industry. For these large production equipment, we regularly quantitative maintenance and maintenance is more important, only to do these, your equipment will reduce the number of overhauls, your equipment can work for you for a long time, the use of time will increase.

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