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How to maintain the concrete mixing plant supporting equipment1?

How to maintain the concrete mixing plant supporting equipment in winter?

May 25, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is an important equipment for producing concrete. the seasonal adaptation of concrete production is weak. so different seasons. the production of concrete should be paid attention to. otherwise your concrete will not be qualified.

To pass the concrete production. your concrete production equipment concrete mixing plant is important. treat your concrete mixing plant well and make your concrete production high. Look. winter is coming. how do you maintain the supporting equipment of your concrete mixing plant? If you do not know. do not panic. NFLG to popularize this knowledge for you. so that your concrete mixing plant this winter normal production. less failure. high productivity.

Winter is coming. how to maintain your concrete mixing plant auxiliary equipment?

There are more component systems of concrete mixing plant. such as batching system. water supply system. cement silo. lubrication system. mixing system. etc. No matter which component system you need to maintain. so please pay attention to the following contents. which we classify for you.

The water supply system maintenance instructions

1. Pumps need to be lubricated regularly as required;

2. When the pump stops using for a long time. the water inside the pipe needs to be put clean. such as the installation of the shut-off valve. pay attention to the emptying of the water at the shut-off valve;

3. Winter use need to ensure the normal flow of water in the pipe;

4. regularly check the joints of the water supply pipeline. because the joints are prone to accumulation of water;

5. If the water pump is stuck in the blade caused by ice. please turn off the power of the pump. use hot water to pour the pump shell to make the ice until the motor shaft can move freely. do not forcibly open the pump so as not to cause damage to the parts.

The batching machine maintenance instructions

1. Fill the lubricating oil of the drive system of batching machine regularly and clean the impurities regularly;

2. regular cleaning of batching machine air supply system and pipeline moisture. winter construction icing;

3. after the construction. clean up the remaining materials in the sand bin. so as not to delay the production of the next day icing;

4. before and after the construction. timely clean up the gravel on the rollers. so as not to icing generate gravel sharp objects. scratch the belt.

The supply of admixture system maintenance instructions

1. because the weather is cold. pay attention to pipeline insulation and insulation of the admixture tank to prevent the freezing of the admixture. bringing inconvenience to production;

2. If there is no construction for a long time in winter. the admixture in the admixture pipeline should be released to prevent freezing or corrosion of the pipeline;

3. if the mixing plant is not constructed for a long time. before construction. the admixture in the admixture tank need to use the admixture pump circulation. to stir the admixture to prevent the admixture from segregation;

4. regular maintenance of the admixture pump. regular lubrication; long-term use of the case. the admixture pump needs to be cleaned to prevent icing and corrosion of the admixture pump;

5. regularly check the admixture pipeline joints. because the joints are easy to accumulate admixture.

The gas supply system maintenance instructions

Condensate discharge

Condensate discharge involves the entire pneumatic system. from the air compressor. air tank. piping system and air filter and automatic drain. etc.. At the end of the operation. condensate should be discharged from each place to fang the night temperature below 0 degrees. causing condensate to freeze. As the temperature inside the pipeline drops at night. it will further precipitate condensate. so the pneumatic device should also discharge the condensate before the daily operation. pay attention to check whether the automatic drain is working properly. and the water cup should not store too much water.

Check the lubricating oil

1. in the operation of the pneumatic device. should check whether the drip oil of the oil mist device is in line with the requirements. whether the oil color is normal. that is. the oil should not be mixed with dust and water. etc.;

2. The oil mister is replenished for one week: when replenishing the oil. attention should be paid to the reduction of oil quantity. If the oil consumption is too little. the amount of oil dripping should be readjusted; if the adjusted oil quantity is still little or no oil dripping. the oil atomizer should be checked whether the import and export are installed backwards and whether the pipes are blocked. To understand whether the amount of lubricating oil contained is moderate. the method is to put a clean white paper near the exhaust port of the reversing valve. and the valve will work three to four cycles later. if there are only very light spots on the white paper. it shows that the lubrication is good and the oil mist content is suitable.

Maintenance of air compressor

1. air leakage check to see if there is any air leakage;

2. motor triangle drive belt for looseness and aging;

3. Pay attention to the oil replenishment in the crankcase of the air compressor. The oil should not be lower than the lower limit of the sight glass. and should be replenished or changed to the oil of winter viscosity according to the air compressor nameplate.

Notes on transmission system maintenance

1. It is recommended to use L-CKC150 medium load pressure gear oil for the reducer of the transmission system.

2. The backstop in the reducer should not be used with graphite or other lubrication additives. After one refueling. the oil should be changed to new oil after 200 hours of operation. After continuous work. change the oil every six months or every 2500 hours of operation.

Well. the maintenance of these systems of concrete mixing plant is finished for you. is there an important maintenance of the main mixing machine is not said? The next section of Kexin Construction Machinery will focus on the maintenance of the main mixing machine. this part is more important. so please continue to pay attention.

We are familiar with the maintenance of the equipment. and in the process of improving the maintenance measures for our customers. we can develop different maintenance methods for different customer production lines. If you need concrete mixing plant equipment. if your concrete mixing plant needs maintenance. please call us.

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