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Teaches you how to choose the right Concrete mixer

April 18, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Compared with concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer is relatively small construction machinery, but as the main component of concrete mixing plant equipment.

There are so many models of Concrete mixers, what are the differences, how do I choose and so on. Today, the mixer to give you a detailed explanation.

Mixer is a kind of construction machinery, the main is used to mix cement, sand and gravel, all kinds of dry mortar and other construction materials. This is a kind of shaft with blades rotating in a cylinder or groove to mix and blend a variety of raw materials into a mixture or suitable consistency of the machine. There are several kinds of mixers, such as vertical shaft planetary mixing mainframe, double horizontal shaft mixer and so on.

Concrete mixer is divided into vertical shaft planetary mixing mainframe and double horizontal shaft mixer.

NFLG vertical shaft planetary mixer adopts vertical shaft planetary countercurrent bi-directional mixing method, which has more complex mixing trajectory. With this technology, it can meet different concrete quality characteristics, advanced new mix ratio and non-traditional aggregate mixing requirements. For dry, semi-dry, plastic concrete and various proportions of concrete can be fully Concrete mixed in a short time, meeting the requirements of different working conditions. Especially in the prefabricated concrete components industry is more widely used, such as urban subway pipe sheet, concrete pile, concrete bridge frame, concrete box, lightweight concrete walls, synthetic fiber impermeable concrete, self-compacting concrete, mortar mixing, refractory materials, ceramic granular materials, etc..

NFLG develops and manufactures double spiral continuous blade mixing mainframe (also called double horizontal shaft mixing mainframe) with high circulating flow speed, which has the advantage of powerful twisting flow and cutting and shearing effect. The concrete is mixed and kneaded faster, the compatibility is better and the quality of concrete is higher. At present, there are three main types of NFLG double horizontal shaft mixing mainframe: double screw belt bare shaft mainframe for ordinary concrete, reinforced type for hydraulic engineering, and special type for precast (single outlet and double outlet).

Generally, the more used is the forced Concrete mixer, may be related to its own advantages. Forced mixer can be used for mixing semi-plastic concrete, plastic concrete, dry concrete, liquid concrete and other materials, and is a high-efficiency model. The thickened material of the whole mixing cylinder ensures the pressure resistance and durability of the mixing cylinder.

High quality reducer with long service life, wide range of reducer, high precision and high output torque. The main shaft sealing adopts the combination of multiple sealing methods, which is a combination of floating oil ring and multi-layer labyrinth seal to seal the main shaft, which has a longer sealing effect and greatly extends the service life of the equipment. The cylinder volume ratio is enlarged, and the design data of mixing device is optimized, which reduces the mixing resistance and the chance of holding the shaft of mixing device.

NFLG focus on road construction machinery technology enterprises, has been committed to researching the most concerned concrete mixing technology for customers.

In recent years, NFLG has launched fully automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment, environmentally friendly mobile concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing building, precast mixing plant and so on, which lead the technical development of concrete mixing industry while meeting the needs of customers.

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