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Twin shaft mixer prone to problems, how to repair?

June 13, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Forced concrete mixer is the main equipment used in concrete mixing plant, it is like the human brain to undertake most of the work, and is a perishable equipment, so the mixer is also the same.

Mixer in the mixing plant need to mix a variety of hardness, humidity, a variety of different materials, so it needs to have a strong adaptability to the material performance, but bear a variety of performance material mixing work, problems for it is also a frequent occurrence, then Twin Shaft Mixer Mainframe prone to problems what are they? NFLG construction machine according to our years of production and mixer service experience, summarized the following:

Twin Shaft Mixer Mainframe prone to problems

The problem of wear and tear

Concrete mixer in the use of the process of micro-vibration, sliding, impact, abrasion, erosion, etc. on the mixer inside the mixing blade, mixing arm, mixer liner to produce wear.

Shaft end seal slurry leakage

Mixer shaft end seal mixer inside and outside the separation device, mixing shaft through it, because it is not only to rotate, but also to withstand the unilateral pressure in the mixer, the leakage of slurry becomes a commonplace, which is the difficulty of the failure of horizontal shaft mixer. Shaft end seal leakage will cause bearing damage, and in serious cases lead to the mixer can not work properly.

The discharge door leakage, slurry leakage

Discharge door leakage, pulp leakage is a small fault, but it directly affects the concrete work performance.

Concrete “holding shaft” problem

Concrete mixer installed in the mixing arm of the large shaft of sticky concrete commonly known as “holding the large shaft”, which is a common failure of horizontal shaft mixer.

Twin Shaft Mixer Mainframe prone to problems is a common thing, then always can not let the manufacturer to repair the problem, which affects the yield and productivity, so they master some maintenance, repair mixer is also needed, Kexin construction machinery to tell you some mixer repair common sense:

Twin Shaft Mixer repair

the response to wear and tear

1. Regular inspection. Weekly check the mixing arm, mixing blade, liner wear, over the wear limit on timely replacement. Otherwise, the broken mixing arm, mixing blade will cause big damage to the mixer Jane. After changing the mixing arm, mixing blade in 20 hours of operation to tighten the fixed screws again.

2. Timely adjustment. The gap between the mixing blade and the liner plate should be adjusted in time, over the gap must be changed blade or liner plate.

3. Use accessories. Wear and tear will have, the use of materials produced by the liner plate, mixing blade, mixing arm can greatly extend its service life, to provide the utilization rate of the mixer.

Solution of the shaft end seal slurry leakage

1. Lubrication is the key. Twin Shaft Mixer Mainframe with a centralized lubrication system installed, check the oil level of the reservoir every day, and manually fill the grease after each shift to clean the mixer until the grease is excluded from the gap. There is no centralized lubrication system to install a centralized lubrication system, automatic greasing in the process of mixing, so that the grease filled in the seal cavity, in order to stop the entry of concrete slurry.

2. Check the seal and adjust the gap. Check the wear of the shaft end seal every day, and the clearance between the ring and the dust cover of the shaft end should not be larger than the specified value, larger than it must be changed.

Discharge door leakage, leakage of slurry countermeasures

1. Clean up the residual concrete on the discharge door every day, so that the discharge door can open and close freely.

2. Check whether the discharge door is closed when water and slurry leak out, and adjust the discharge door proximity switch if it is not; secondly, check whether the gap of the discharge door is too big, and adjust it if it is too big.

The concrete “holding shaft” solution

1. Change the mixer into the water flow position, the water flow is aligned with the mixing shaft, powder feeding can not be aligned with the mixing shaft.

2. Water intake can be used to pressure water – pipeline pump pressure, the shaft has a strong flushing effect.

3. It is recommended to use the order of aggregate, powder, water and admixture feeding.

The above is what we tell you about Twin Shaft Mixer Mainframe easy problems and some common sense of maintenance, you can repair for your own problems, of course, some of the problems you can not handle do not force to deal with, NFLG help you solve.

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