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How to choose a used concrete mixing plant host and cleaning

May 16, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant mainframe can be divided into vertical shaft planetary mixer (JDC) and double horizontal shaft mixer (JS) according to its working requirements, but for the used concrete mixing plant mainframe is generally chosen double horizontal shaft mixer, why?

Although the mixing cycle of JDC mixing machine is sometimes 30s or 45s, which seems to be shorter than JS mixing machine, the mixing volume of both mixing is very different, and the mixing quality is not comparable. If the same quality, the same model of JS mixing machine compared with the JDC mixing machine, certainly JS mixing machine mixing efficiency is higher. From the point of view of equipment collocation, we also do not recommend the use of double horizontal shaft mixer as a concrete mixing plant host.

And in fact, even if they are both double horizontal shaft mixing mainframe concrete mixing plant mainframe, there are still differences. We do not recommend to choose JDC mixing mainframe as concrete mixing plant mainframe. This is because on the one hand, the output of JDC mixing mainframe is not as good as JS mixer, on the other hand, JDC mixing mainframe adopts tilting type discharge, which will also increase the design difficulty of the mixing plant, so we seldom use JDC mixing mainframe as concrete mixing plant mainframe.

Used concrete mainframe residual concrete cleaning method

Concrete mixing plant mainframe will have residue every time it is discharged, and if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will be easy to bond, especially the mixing shaft and discharge port position. The common cleaning method is to flush with water, but due to the nature of concrete, simply flushing with water cannot clean the residual concrete well, so we will introduce a super simple method to deal with the residue of used concrete mainframe.

We take a party of concrete mixer as an example, according to the proportion of the choice to use the kilogram amount of stone (note: only need to use stone, other materials do not need), stirring stone 2 ~ 3 minutes, the purpose is to make just bonded or bonding strength of the lower concrete grinding down, generally clean up once a day or once per shift is better; if a long time not cleaned up, then the bonded concrete strength, in addition to the use of stone Mo, but also Need to use with a brazier, hammer to its cleanup. Clean concrete mixing plant host is a daily job, so once you find it should be cleaned up in time.

Remember: in the workers on the mixer residue cleaning, to cut off all the power, lock the control room door, to carry out internal cleaning at least 2 people to work together, to have a person to look after, to avoid accidents.

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