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Why JS concrete mixer is used in mixing plant and how to maintain it? - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

NFLG JS concrete mixer

Why JS concrete mixer is used in mixing plant and how to maintain it?

June 21, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

JS forced concrete mixer is a kind of mixing equipment commonly used in concrete mixing plant. there are many manufacturers. it is also one of our mixer series. and it is also a good sales model. the mixer is used in many kinds of concrete mixing plant. and it is also a common equipment in the mixing system of the mixing plant.

The construction and application of large concrete mixing plant can not be separated from the JS double horizontal shaft mixer. and our mixers are also commonly used in small. medium and large concrete mixing plants. So. what are the characteristics of NFLG’s JS concrete mixer. what aspects need to be noted in the use and maintenance. and how to extend the use of time. all these need to have in-depth understanding for the production enterprises.

why the mixing plant with JS concrete mixer

1. the process is better

The circular arc part of the mixing cylinder is welded. and there are five kinds of liners set in the mixing cylinder. which are fastened with countersunk screws and the cylinder body.

2. Good sealing

In order to make the quality of the seal. there is an oil supplier on the end face of the mixing cylinder.

3. Stirring strong

The two output shafts of the reducer drive the two horizontally configured stirring shafts to rotate back at equal speed respectively through two pairs of open gears.

4. Easy operation

The electric control system adopts components with more functions. stable performance and easy to operate and use.

JS concrete mixer maintenance and maintenance

1. every shift to check whether the shaft end sealing cavity. distributor import and export and sealing pipeline is smooth. whether it is full of grease. whether there is enough lubricating oil (grease) for each lubrication point and reducer box body.

2. reducer box once put into use 50 hours. need to replace the lubricant. in future production. every 1000 hours or half a year also need to immediately replace the reducer box lubricant.

3. concrete mixer in the work as well as for a cycle later. the mixture residue must be cleared. the mixing shaft. mixing arm. mixing knife for a thorough cleaning. In the staff cleaning operation. the use of hammer to remove the mixture residue is strictly prohibited. because the violent impact may cause the mixing knife fracture.

4. when the detection of the gap has been greater than 8mm. should immediately adjust the blade or wear parts for replacement. the gap to 3mm.


1. the concrete mixer should be set in a flat position. with square wood pad up the front and rear axle. so that the tire shelves high overhead. so as to avoid walking when the start.

2. the concrete mixer should be implemented two leakage protection. before going to work after the power is connected. must be carefully checked. by the empty test run that qualified. before use. Test run should test the mixing cylinder speed is appropriate. in general. the empty speed than the car (after loading) slightly faster than 2 ~ 3 revolutions. such as the difference between more. should adjust the ratio of dynamic wheel and transmission wheel.

3. The direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder should be in line with the direction indicated by the arrow. if it does not match the reality. the motor wiring should be corrected.

4. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable. whether the steel wire rope is damaged. whether the track pulley is good. whether there are obstacles around and the lubrication of each part. etc.

5. After starting the machine. often pay attention to the normal operation of the concrete mixer components. When the machine is stopped. often check whether the concrete mixer blade is bent. whether the screws are knocked down or loosened.

6. when the concrete mixing is completed or expected to stop for more than 1 hour. in addition to the residual material out of the net. the application of stones and water into the shaking cylinder. turn on the rotation of the machine. the sticky mortar on the barrel rinsed clean after all unloaded. There should be no water in the barrel to avoid rusting of the barrel and blades. At the same time. it should also clean up the dust outside the mixing cylinder. so that the machinery is kept clean and intact.

7. After work and shutdown. the power should be shut off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.

The above is our good concrete mixing plant for you to introduce the JS concrete mixer equipment. if your concrete. stabilized soil mixing plant needs. please contact us. we provide you with from program design to equipment production and construction. operation training. etc. will also provide you with a better after-sales service. later in the use of the process of any questions can be timely consultation. we promptly solve.

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