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How to maintain the concrete mixing plant?

NFLG concrete mixing plant

How to maintain the concrete mixing plant in different environments?

June 13, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is a set of whole equipment operating outdoors, so it is necessary to take different measures to protect the concrete mixing plant for different outdoor climates. Many external environments in different areas are complex and changeable, and concrete production line customers should be able to plan differently for different Batch plant operating environments so that customers can use it properly.

As a concrete mixing plant manufacturer, why should I tell you this? Because NFLG’s concrete mixing plant is also sold to several customers, these customers are located in different areas and different climates, at first we also encountered many problems, in the continuous problem solving, let us sum up more experience in the maintenance and repair of concrete mixing plant.

Among the concrete Batch plant customers, we have such cases as: adding a concrete mixing plant with lightning protection configuration, so that the concrete mixing plant is more suitable for use in the local climate with more thunderstorms; in the Russian concrete production line site, we need to configure the insulation device; in such a humid region as Indonesia, we need a period of moisture-proof design. These are the experiences we have learned in our continuous service, and NFLG will share some of them.

How to protect the concrete mixing plant in the high cold climate?

In Russia we all know that it is a long winter, monotonous cold local. The temperature is usually below -20℃. It is actually very bad if the mixing plant is exposed to the external environment in this way, and in order to keep the mixing plant warm, we plan the mixing plant into the warehouse in the process, except for the cement silo which is too high, all the other equipment enter into the interior of the warehouse to protect from cold.

The cement silo and the equipment inside the warehouse are connected through the screw conveyor, which enters from the window on the top of the warehouse. In this way, the main structure of the mixing plant is well protected, and together with the operators working inside the warehouse, it also helps to prevent cold operation.

How to protect the concrete mixing plant in the humid climate?

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, the climate is humid, concrete mixing plant does not have the need to protect against cold, but facing the humid air can not be careless. To use moisture-proof methods, the moisture-prone parts will be painted to prevent moisture, and train operators to often paint to prevent moisture, in addition, because the cement silo is mostly powder, these powders such as cement and other moisture will be slatted, blocking the cement silo under the mouth or even the screw conveyor.

So on the one hand, when pneumatic conveying, you can pretend to dehumidify the net, on the other hand, cement silo try to choose a small number, do not store too much cement, to often collaborate with the arch breaking equipment or perhaps vibrator to help down the material. After each use, the screw conveyor idle for a period of time to drain the powder between them, to avoid moisture blockage screw conveyor.

Our factory has long supplied you with concrete mixing plant, mobile drum concrete mixing plant and other complete equipment, and we focus on the premise of equipment performance, efficiency, functionality, etc., to improve the service to customers, for different areas of the customer for a period of time to build a station to provide good advice.

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