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Fast & Furious Q7 concrete mixing plant helps customers in Southeast Asia - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

Fast & Furious Q7 concrete mixing plant helps customers in Southeast Asia

May 18, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

As an indispensable equipment in construction, concrete mixing plant, fast, good and economical has become a characteristic pursued by many users of construction mixing plant, and the same is true for overseas customers. In order to meet the increasing overseas market demand, NFLG has developed Q7 series cement concrete mixing plant in recent years, which is widely used in overseas construction projects and has been well received by customers since its introduction.

Q7 concrete mixing plant

Q7 cement concrete mixing plant, abbreviated as Quick Erection 7, means 7 days quick installation, includes 50, 75, 120 models, with production capacity of 50-120m³/h. The main mixing machine adopts double spiral blades, which can mix efficiently and quickly, significantly shorten the production cycle while achieving energy saving and environmental protection. The whole plant adopts PLC and IPC to control the production fully automatically, and the production data can be recorded and synchronized to the cloud and mobile APP to realize numerical production and all-weather instant monitoring.

concrete mixing plant

The Q7 cement concrete mixing plant adopts modular design, with pre-installed batching, conveying, metering and mixing systems, which effectively reduces the volume of shipping and at the same time reduces the floor space, facilitating quick installation and commissioning on site, significantly reducing the need for foundation construction and lifting on site, suitable for small and medium-sized projects with small sites and close proximity.

Quick installation in 7 days, compared with traditional mixing plant equipment can significantly reduce the project construction cycle by more than 75%, speeding up the customer’s capital recovery.

The Q7-HZS120 concrete mixing plant put into production in Southeast Asia has been running stably for more than one year. According to the feedback from customers, the production capacity has been increased by 15%, while the time for equipment installation and transfer has been shortened by 60% and the installation cost has been reduced by 40%. At the same time, the foundation-free design allows the mixing plant to be moved quickly with the transfer of the project, and it has the remarkable features of small footprint, low foundation investment, and rapid transfer to full container transportation, etc. Since it was put into operation, it has often produced continuously for 24 hours with stable performance, which has been affirmed by customers.

NFLG keeps optimizing the design and providing more stable, reliable and convenient construction mixing equipment for domestic and foreign construction projects with products that meet the needs of customers and the market while ensuring the quality of products is excellent, thus helping the development of local infrastructure and making China’s quality and speed famous worldwide.

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