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How to maintain the concrete mixing mainframe in winter? - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

concrete mixing mainframe

How to maintain the concrete mixing mainframe in winter?

May 30, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Forced concrete mixer is an important equipment of concrete mixing plant, it undertakes most of the work of the mixing plant, so its maintenance is also more important, then how to maintain the main machine of concrete mixing plant? Let NFLG to tell you.

Environmental conditions for the use of mixing machine

Operating temperature: 1~40℃

Humidity: 90%

Operating altitude: ≤2000m

The winter operation

In winter, the working place of the concrete mixing plant should be heated to keep the room temperature above 0℃ as much as possible, and the mixer should be allowed to run idle for at least 30 minutes before starting to work.

If the surrounding temperature is lower than the standard, a heating blower should be used to provide additional heating to the drive from the outside.


1. the storage location of the mixer in a moderately heated building, and should have protection measures, so that no mechanical vibration, shaking, dust, moisture, no chemical erosion, the lower limit of low temperature is not less than -30°C, and has a flat placement base and other conditions.

2. should avoid open-air unprotected storage, if it can not be avoided, the corresponding measures must be taken to protect: only for a short time storage

Measures to prevent the effects of the atmosphere, such as the addition of a wooden roof covered with a plastic tarpaulin, and covered with plastic and rubber materials to protect against the sun;

Carefully place the mixer on a level, well-placed substrate, possibly on square sleepers and covered with plastic or rubber material to protect it from the sun;

Before storage begins, the mixer external leakage parts coated with anti-rust oil.

3. If the concrete mixing plant host must be stored for a long time (if the contract does not specify the preservation measures, according to this implementation)

should be stored in a protected, dry, moderately heated building;

Clean the inside and outside of the mixer and dry it out;

Bolt couplings, bonding surface, rotary surface should be sprayed with anti-rust oil one by one (rubber parts, such as V-belts, rubber seals), and repeat surface protection measures as needed (5 to 12 months);

Mixer bearings, sealing components, reducers and lubrication components to add the corresponding grades of grease and lubricants specified (see maintenance manual for specific grades);

Shaft extension parts destroyed grease protective layer shall be reapplied;

Every 3 months, the slewing section shall be rotated by hand in the V-belt drive section and the hand pump on the hydraulic assembly shall be operated approximately 5 times;

After 6 months of storage, the reducer shall be re-lubricated.

Electronic components and junction boxes should be made of waterproof protection (such as wrapped in plastic film), the internal at the same time should be placed in bags of desiccant;

Repeat the surface protection measures as needed (about 9 months or so).

4. Measures at the end of long time storage

Clean the reducer and transmission components and change the lubricant;

Check whether the shaft end seals and other rubber seals are aging (bad storage conditions tend to cause aging of rubber parts);

At the beginning of operation, pay attention to the shaft seals, if there is a slight leakage change.


In the ambient temperature below 10 ℃ with No. 1 Rikki lubricating oil, 10 ℃ above the requirement of No. 2 Rikki lubricating oil, using a fuel gun through the filter for refilling.

Concrete mixing plant host maintenance on these, if you have any other need to maintain knowledge need to consult, please consult us!

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