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How to build a concrete mixing plant and choose a manufacturer?

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How to build a concrete mixing plant and how to choose a manufacturer?

June 13, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant as the main project of the concrete production line, before the construction, purchase equipment to have their own plans, for a set of concrete mixing plant construction, we need to comply with some principles based on the requirements of the construction industry, so what should be noted in the construction of concrete mixing plant?

As a manufacturer of construction machinery industry equipment for many years, we have visited many customers, served many customers, participated in the construction of a number of customers’ mixing plant, for these, NFLG has also summarized some, let us tell you about the following.

Concrete mixing plant construction requirements

Design principles

1. Strictly implement the relevant policies and regulations, reasonable planning and careful arrangement.

2. Stable production process, and economic and reasonable.

3. Choose better, stable and applicable equipment, increase the level of mechanization and automatic control, reduce energy consumption, and build a set of high quality concrete batch plant.

Main building

1. Production plant: frame structure, with 1-story, 6.6 meters high, and a construction area of about 1900 square meters;

2. Office laboratory building: frame structure, with 4 floors, each floor is 3.3 meters high, with an area of 900 square meters;

3. Other supporting rooms: brick and concrete structure, with a total area of 200 square meters.

Structural design

1. the basic wind pressure: wind pressure 0.3KN/m²;

The building roof load should be designed according to the construction requirements and building structure load code (GB50009-2001) requirements.

2. Building structure an quan

3. Foundation type

Production plant, office laboratory building should have its own foundation, other supporting rooms for strip foundation.

Structural shape

1. The main plant is reinforced concrete frame structure.

2. Office building, laboratory building for the frame structure.

Building materials

1. Concrete hollow block walls are used for filling walls

2. Brick wall is shale brick

3. Concrete C25-C35

You can consult us for some planning and matters needing attention about building a station. Of course, after you build the station, you need concrete production equipment, we are ready for you to have a foundation-free HZS concrete batch plant, drum mobile station and other supporting machinery, a number of supporting equipment, components, etc. equipped with more complete, better quality, you can consult us, come to the factory to investigate, to order!

Concrete mixing plant manufacturer selection

There are many concrete batch plant manufacturers in the market! Which one produces a good concrete mixing plant? Choosing the right manufacturer is not an easy task!

Our process is better

We have nearly 30 years of experience in the design and development of production, concrete mixing plant production and research and development in continuous improvement, the use of better foreign technology, manufacturing different models of mixing plant energy saving, environmental protection, good capacity to handle materials.

Our production strength is stronger

Production strength is also one of the factors that a good concrete mixing plant manufacturer needs to have, you should visit the site when choosing a concrete mixing plant manufacturer, visit the production workshop and possibly go to the customer’s production line to see. nflg can provide you with various services and look forward to your visit to the plant.

Our concrete mixing plant has higher cost performance

Mixing plant price is an important issue for many customers to consider, NFLG’s concrete batch plant price has been relatively stable, cost-effective is an important indicator to measure whether a piece of equipment can be started, the price is within a reasonable range, quality, in order to buy with peace of mind, with peace of mind.

We have perfect after-sales service

NFLG as a concrete mixing plant manufacturers, we sell mixing plant equipment, but also sell services. Regular customers make return visits, ask about the use of equipment and help customers solve some problems.

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