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How to solve the noisy concrete mixing plant? - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

How to solve the noisy concrete mixing plant?

June 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is a large construction machinery and equipment. although it is generally built in open areas. but for example. in the process of urban construction will also exist. so the noise it produces. dust. etc. has become another nearby residents headache. For the users of concrete mixing plant. how to change the noise in the production process?

Only if we know where the noise of concrete mixing plant comes from. NFLG has been producing concrete mixing plant for many years, we are more familiar with where the noise of equipment comes from, and our traditional equipment also has this problem.

With the development of noise control technology, we use this in the manufacture of our concrete mixing plant, so now our concrete mixing plant is less noisy and improved in all aspects, it is a concrete production line equipment worth choosing.

Sources of noise of mixing plant

The main sources of noise when the concrete mixing plant is working are as follows:

1. forklift shoveling and loading. vehicle noise;

2. Air pump supplying and deflating noise;

3. batching machine unloading and conveying transit parts;

4. mixer stirring process sand and gravel materials and mixing arm. reamer collision friction. causing high noise;

5. the impact of the finished material unloading process with the unloading hopper and tanker is high. causing high noise;

Mixing plant noise solutions

The causes of the concrete mixing plant noise is found. then it is easy to solve these noise pollution. about the noise of the equipment. we do this.

1. The whole sand and gravel quarry will be fully enclosed and encapsulated with sandwich sound insulation panels. so that the noise will be digested internally;

2. for the air pump. gas storage tank and other air supply device concrete small house. it is recommended to choose hollow block + concrete way. discharge cylinder choose hydraulic cylinder;

3. Batching machine and belt conveyor all encapsulated. and install dust and noise reduction devices in the transit parts;

4. The mixing host is encapsulated with sound insulation board;

The cement mixer operation noise

We have to deal with the sound of cement mixing equipment. one has to figure out how to form the sound. In-depth understanding as well as analysis of the working state of cement mixing equipment. to identify the mixing noise focus on the sound of gravel colliding with metal. friction sound. the sound of the mixing cylinder trembling. the sound of material impact in the mixing cylinder constitutes the internal combustion equipment to start the mixing equipment and the noise from the internal combustion equipment. the motor also exists noise when the dynamic equipment starts.

The mixing cylinder and mixing blade are all processed by using steel plate. The mixing cylinder and the mixing material will definitely collide with the mixing cylinder wall and the mixing blade when it is running. The sound is very loud after hitting the steel plate. Especially if the material in the mixing cylinder is running to a high place when it falls down. the sound is strong. Also. there is a big banging sound when gravel and sand are collided. These two kinds of collision sounds are the key parts of the noise made by the cement mixing equipment when it works.

By using sound insulation and noise reduction materials to control noise transmission externally. reducing noise generation internally through design and controlling details at the noise source. the problem of high noise of concrete mixing plant can be solved. In addition. customers who have the ability can also carry out plant greening around the mixing plant. so that the mixing plant equipment is built in the forest.

The above is about the noise easily generated in the work of concrete mixing plant, some of our suggestions, I hope the majority of users can adopt, so that you have a set of green concrete production line, more concrete production equipment issues can consult us, our factory long-term supply of concrete mixing plant, drum mobile station and other complete machines and accessories, welcome to purchase!

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