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NFLG opens a new future of concrete mixing plant

June 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

NFLG’s First Green Garden Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant Pilot Project.

Huizhou City Investment Wise Concrete Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of Huizhou City Construction Investment Group, established in February 2022. The company mainly engages in ready-mixed concrete plant and ready-mixed mortar, which is an intelligent, automated, low energy consumption green and environment-friendly intelligent factory.

After surveying and planning the project site, NFLG has developed a set of green recycling, efficient and intelligent overall solution for it, equipped with two NFLG-HZS270 fully automated ready-mixed concrete production lines, one NFLG concrete wet-mix mortar dual-use station, and NFLG intelligent ERP commercial concrete management system, which is fully equipped with environmental protection equipment and convenient management. Through centralized remote control, the production is safe and efficient, and can produce 1 million cubic meters of commercial concrete and 250,000 cubic meters of mortar annually.

Automatic ready-mixed concrete production line

The layout of the concrete mixing plant adopts the form of powder tank on top, i.e. the powder tank is arranged on the top of the main building, which is a concrete structure, this layout can improve the efficiency of the mixing plant and save the encapsulation cost. Each floor is relatively independent, so it has more space for maintenance and easy to clean. The space below the main building is spacious and can be used for office, central control room, etc. This form can make full use of the space and improve the utilization rate of the site.

Each of the three existing production lines is equipped with a storage capacity of 1300 tons of powder tank, which can meet the requirements of different grades of concrete production. The main building is fully enclosed, and each powder tank is equipped with independent dust collection equipment, so that the powder produced during the production process can be returned to the corresponding powder tank without dust spillage and waste discharge. The powder tank is equipped with low-pressure ash beating equipment and anti-bursting device, which can effectively reduce the sound and prevent the powder tanker from bursting the silo and causing safety accidents.

The mixing host is NFLG’s self-developed double screw belt mixing host, concrete can be mixed and kneaded faster, with high mixing efficiency, better compatibility and higher quality of concrete. The computer operation and control interface is equipped with collapse degree current graph, which can monitor the concrete collapse degree in real time with the video monitoring of the main machine.

In a traditional concrete mixing plant, at least two loaders are required for a single production line, which usually requires four drivers to work in shifts to feed the mixing plant.

Considering the large storage capacity of sand and gravel aggregate, the sand and gravel magazine is also specially designed with a storage capacity of about 16,000 square meters, which can meet the daily production and flexibly cope with the impact of sand and gravel shortage. The whole loading process is free of loader loading, and the truck can directly unload to the feeding silo, and the corresponding silo is conveyed by belt machine and divider. It saves the fuel consumption and labor cost of loader operation, and eliminates the trouble of loading dust and reduces the safety hazards arising from the operation.

At the same time, the concrete mixing plant is equipped with car washing equipment, sewage recycling treatment equipment and spray dust removal system. Rainwater, sewage and other wastewater are reused through the sewage recycling system; in the process of aggregate conveying, water mist is sprayed to reduce the dust generated by aggregate vibration. The whole process is emission-free and dust-free, which meets the standard of full environmental protection and extra green production plant of the mixing plant.

Intelligent commercial concrete helps efficient operation

In addition to the hardware facilities, the software equipment can also meet the intelligent and efficient operation requirements of the mixing plant. The central control room integrates the dispatching center and operation center, with large screen monitoring and clear images, which can realize the intensive office, discover problems and give feedback in time. Through NFLG-ERP commercial concrete management system, the project progress is inquired, material consumption is tracked, and the production line, dispatching room, material room and laboratory share information and work together.

In addition, the NFLG-ERP management system and vehicle queuing system are adopted, and a large LED screen is equipped in front of the main building to display vehicle queuing information and avoid invalid queuing, so that the mixing trucks run smoothly in logistics.

Less dust, lower noise, easier work, and higher capacity, the operators have more energy to work in such an intelligent working environment.

As the first pilot project of green garden type ready-mixed concrete mixing plant of Huizhou City Investment Group, NFLG joins hands with Huizhou City Investment Zhike Concrete Co., Ltd. to forge higher quality concrete products with scientific management and advanced production technology to meet the growing production demand under the current double carbon policy, and help it continue to lead in the new track and contribute to the green and low carbon of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant. The strength of the company.

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