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full environmental protection concrete mixing plant

How about NFLG full environmental protection concrete mixing plant?

June 1, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Since its establishment, Wu’an Mingcheng Concrete Co., Ltd. has set a benchmark in the industry by implementing green and low-carbon recycling requirements into the entire production process.

Ltd. was established in 2011 and is located in Handan City, Hebei Province. 2022, in order to further promote the transformation and upgrading of Wu’an’s commercial concrete industry, Wu’an Commercial Concrete decided to purchase green and environmentally friendly commercial concrete stations that “meet the requirements of project construction and adapt to future market demand”. After many investigations, Wu’an Mingcheng finally cooperated with NFLG and purchased four NFLG-HZS240 commercial concrete mixing plant production lines to build a modern intelligent commercial concrete plant integrating intelligence, high efficiency, green and environmental protection.

Concrete Mixing Plant Structure

All four NFLG-HZS240 concrete mixing plant production lines adopt the layout of powder tank on top of the main building, which is a concrete structure. This layout not only improves the efficiency of the mixing plant but also saves the encapsulation cost. At the same time, each floor is relatively independent so that it has more space for maintenance activities and is also easy to clean and wash. Using the sufficient space of concrete structure in the main building, the plant is set up with main engine room, laboratory and central control room, etc. The whole mixing plant is intelligently designed, which effectively reduces labor cost.

Stockpile Silo

Wu’an Mingcheng’s stacking bins are distributed in an orderly manner, reasonably divided into bins, and the whole process of dividing and loading is belt conveyed. When the incoming material is unloaded into the discharge port, the automatic inductive spraying dust suppression system in the dust hood is automatically turned on to effectively prevent the dust from drifting when the aggregate is unloaded into the hopper. On site, various sizes of sand and gravel materials are delivered to the designated stockpile bins through the feeding belt and the dividing belt. The feeding belt is designed in two sections to ensure that the sand and gravel aggregates can be evenly stacked at the front and rear ends when they are discharged into the stacking bin. All the corners and throwing points on the way adopt spray dust removal measures to ensure no dust and noise pollution in the large material yard.

Main Mixing Machine

In the mixing part of the equipment, NGLG mixing machine is highly efficient and durable, which can achieve better homogeneous performance in shorter mixing time and increase the average strength of concrete by 10%. Meanwhile, in terms of energy consumption, the double spiral mixing saves about 20% of electricity consumption than ordinary forced mixing, and the special system design can achieve the mixing main shaft basically without cleaning. Also, the mixing machine is equipped with high-definition camera, so that the mixing process can be monitored and controlled in real time to ensure the concrete quality.

Environmental Protection

Intelligent environmental protection and green development. In the production and operation of Wu’an commercial concrete, NFLG concrete mixing plant is equipped with high-performance dust suppression and dust-removal equipment, which can effectively suppress the production of dust and ash from the powder tank; the new type of reducer can effectively reduce noise; in addition, the overall maintenance of the equipment is convenient and the production efficiency is high. In addition, it can realize the automatic control and data management function of concrete production process, meet the customer’s demand for efficient management and continuous production, effectively improve the cooperation degree of each link, and effectively integrate green production, cost reduction and efficiency increase into daily management.

In recent years, Wu’an Mingcheng has continuously refined green development into the whole field and process of production and operation, and continuously promoted the green and low-carbon development of the enterprise to a new level. In the future, NFLG will work hand in hand with Wu’an Mingcheng, establish long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial development relationship, and create a new chapter of green development!

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