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How much does it cost to buy a small concrete mixing plant?

April 14, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

1. Main product models of small concrete mixing plant

Small concrete mixing plant is a concrete mixing plant in HZS series, which is produced by using JS series double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer or vertical shaft planetary mixer as the main machine. There are not many models of small concrete mixing plant, the main models are HZS50 concrete mixing plant, HZS75 concrete mixing plant, HZS100 concrete mixing plant and HZS60 concrete mixing plant, which cover a small area and the production efficiency is not particularly high.

2. Small concrete mixing plant equipment composition

Forced mixer mainframe: The mainframe used in small concrete mixing plant is double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which has strong mixing capacity, uniform mixing quality and high productivity. The main machine of Jianxin small concrete mixing plant adopts anti-adhesive technology to effectively prevent the cement from caking on the shaft, and the shaft end seal adopts special multiple sealing structure to effectively prevent the leakage of mortar and ensure the continuous and long-term operation of the whole mixing system.

Vertical shaft planetary mixer mainframe: the mixing arm and its blade do planetary movement, the mixing track is continuous, the mixing movement is intense and the homogeneity is good; the mixing blade angle is reasonable, the mixing efficiency is high and the wear of the liner and blade is reduced; the bottom scraper cleans the bottom material and the side scraper cleans the side material, with automatic cleaning function; the bottom scraper mixing improves the discharge speed at the same time.

Batching machine: The batching machine is the equipment for weighing the sand and gravel aggregate of the mixing plant. The batching machine chosen for small concrete mixing plant adopts the international advanced weighing system, which is accurate and fast, with small error and very stable.

Cement silo: the equipment for storing cement, fly ash and other powders in a small concrete mixing plant, you can choose the number of cement silos according to how many kinds of powders you need to produce concrete. The cement silo of a small concrete mixing plant is installed with a high efficiency dust collector, which has good environmental performance.

Screw conveyor: The screw conveyor is used in conjunction with the cement silo in a concrete mixing plant. The advantages of the screw conveyor are its simple structure, low cost and reliable use.

3. How much to invest in building a small concrete mixing plant

How much does a small concrete mixing plant cost mainly depends on the configuration and equipment manufacturer the customer buys, the price list of different configurations of small concrete mixing plants is also different. However, there are many customers who choose not to have the whole set of equipment, even as long as the main mixing machine and batching machine, so the price difference is very large.

The investment cost of a small mixing plant is not too high, after all, the equipment model is small. In addition, the number of cement silos and external additives of a small mixing plant is less than that of a large concrete mixing plant, and the area occupied is also much smaller than that of a large mixing plant. In the construction site, the placement is much more selective. At the same time, due to the small configuration, it is also very easy to relocate the small mixing plant, which provides convenience for users who often carry the project address.

Another point is that the small mixing plant manufacturer, the old brand manufacturers produce more expensive equipment than small manufacturers, but the quality of the old brand manufacturers equipment and after-sales service is more guaranteed, you can take into account.

4. matters needing attention in the purchase of small mixing plant

Host selection

Forced concrete mixer is the core component of a small mixing plant, you can choose the mixer according to the performance of concrete. Such as water conservancy projects must use double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing mainframe. According to the size of the project and the type of material to be mixed, choose the batching machine and cement silo.

The vertical shaft planetary mixer is designed with a special reducer and a vertical shaft planetary mixer, whose mixing arm runs like a planet. The mixing arm is like a planet, with all-round and dead-end mixing characteristics, the torque generated by it is large, ensuring more uniform mixing of materials, and the mixing blade can also be redirected according to the wear and tear situation, to ensure the low failure operation of the equipment and the high efficiency of wearing parts. Planetary mixer mixing more violent, mixing materials more uniform, with the ability to mix a variety of complex materials, its mixing performance and application range is better than the horizontal shaft forced mixer.

Choose according to your needs

Build a small mixing plant, but also pay attention to choose the most suitable for their needs. Mixing plant models are different, the output is also different, according to their own needs to choose the model of mixing plant. At present, the models of small mixing plant are HZS25, HZS50, HZS75, HZS100, etc. The number behind it represents the theoretical concrete production per hour of the mixing plant, and the larger the number, the higher the production capacity, so when choosing the model, you must first know your needs and choose the most important one.

Choose according to the construction environment

A small mixing plant should also be built considering the construction environment. When the site needs a large amount of one-time pouring, high quality requirements, and there is no nearby reinforcement of the mixing plant, it is best to choose two smaller specifications of the mixing plant; when the site traffic is inconvenient, maintenance staff in and out of the site for a long time, it is best to choose to use the same smaller specifications of the double machine station, so as to ensure smooth construction progress.

Choose a manufacturer with quality assurance

At present, concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers are increasing, users are also a little confused in choosing, do not know what kind of mixing plant manufacturers to choose. When choosing a small mixing plant equipment, try to visit the factory to understand the size of the manufacturer, see the production process and determine the quality of the product.

5. Small concrete mixing plant workflow

Aggregate is discharged into the aggregate metering hopper by the aggregate bin discharge door of the batching machine for metering, and then discharged to the running flat belt after metering, and the flat belt is sent to the bucket elevator, while cement and fly ash are conveyed to their respective metering hoppers by the screw conveyor for metering, and water and admixtures are pumped to their respective metering hoppers by the water pump and admixtures for metering. After the measurement of the various materials is completed, the control system issues a command to start feeding the mixer in turn for mixing, after the mixing is completed, the discharge door of the mixer is opened and the concrete is discharged into the mixing transport via the discharge hopper and then into the next working cycle.

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