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How to choose a concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturer?

April 4, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

The rapid development of concrete mixing plant and the increasing economic benefits have made more and more people want to invest in a concrete mixing plant production line. The cost of a new mixing plant and the purchase of a complete mixing plant production line is not low, ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of dollars. …..

In recent years, the increase in the number of manufacturers of mixing plants on the market, the user’s choice of time, inevitably hesitant, and then compare, in fact, we all want to choose a high quality and after-sales service are guaranteed manufacturers, that choose such manufacturers how to choose?

1.the size of the manufacturer

Some new and small factories do not have the core production technology and production process of commercial concrete mixing plant, but in order to make profit, they choose to take orders first, and then buy some low quality and cheap mixing plant equipment from other commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturers to sell to users. The quality of the equipment sold by such manufacturers is not guaranteed by quality and technology, and there is no corresponding after-sales support, and if a spare part of the equipment needs to be replaced, the manufacturer cannot provide the corresponding original parts. In the long run, the user experience is very poor. So when it comes to new and small factories, even if the price is cheaper, you have to think again and again.

2.Manufacturer brand reputation

First of all, the concrete mixing plant of professional and regular brands has more stable performance in the operation and use process, which can ensure a higher standard in terms of work efficiency, and the advantages of professional stability and low-carbon environmental protection are fully played, especially the professional brand manufacturers use more high-end production and processing technology for research and development design, which naturally has a better experience in the use process, without worrying about the emergence of various unexpected problems in the use process. It is also possible to meet the requirements of different environments and to achieve perfect results.

3.Products produced by manufacturers

The quality, maturity, technical level, price and wearing parts of the concrete mixing equipment produced by the manufacturers are examined; the equipment produced by professional and regular concrete mixing plant brands are more complete in terms of specifications and models, with a wider range to choose from. This saves more time in troubleshooting, ensures efficiency and improves the quality of work, and brings you a more comfortable experience.

4.The market reputation of the manufacturer

Examine the customer base of the concrete mixing equipment manufacturer to determine the manufacturer’s reputation in the industry;

5.Management system of the manufacturer’s model

Examine whether the manufacturer has policies and systems related to installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, wearing parts and technical guidance;

6.The after-sales service provided by the manufacturer

Concrete mixing plant is a bulk commodity, with high costs and long usage, some faults will inevitably occur during use. Even if the quality of the equipment is good enough and the operators are professional enough not to have any faults, the mixing plant will still have some wear and tear parts that need to be replaced. If the manufacturer cannot provide a perfect after-sales service, then you should think twice.

The NFLG is a perfect combination of excellent mixing technology and advanced environmental protection technology, as well as a perfect fusion of professional steel design and advanced modern industrial design, which concentrates on the new design concept of low carbon, energy saving and green environment of today’s mixing plants. From the outside the mixing plant is fully encapsulated with the material yard, inclined belt, main building and silo, while the internal structure enhances dust removal, vibration prevention and noise reduction. Optional sand and gravel separator and slurry water recovery system are available, waste water and waste material are recycled, no waste water and waste slag are discharged, achieving near zero emission of pollution from the production of the mixing plant, the shape is atmospheric, beautiful and reasonably planned to be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

NFLG was established nearly 30 years ago, every yearz manufacturing and selling hundreds of concrete mixing plants at home and abroad, you are welcome to come and visit us, or you can find our s equipments in your area for a field visit.

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