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Concrete mixing plant is broken, where is the fault? How to determine - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete mixing plant is broken, where is the fault? How to determine

May 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant in the process of production failure, the material is still in the equipment, how to do?NFLG tell you: do not panic, you can find the equipment fault through the following methods, and then find personnel to repair for you.

Observation and inquiry method

Before repairing the equipment, you can first collect the equipment information, according to its use of years, models and other preliminary analysis, and then ask the user about the specific use and the previous inspection, repair, etc., to understand the analysis of the failure phenomenon, determine the type of failure, etc.

Auditory method

The sound generated by the equipment in operation is regular, and if the equipment is faulty, its sound will be abnormal. Maintenance can first run the equipment in different conditions, listening to diagnose equipment failure. Check, for example, to its crankshaft, connecting rod and other abnormal sound situation, to determine the possible existence of the fault.

Tactile Method

By touching the mechanical equipment to check its fault. For example, the engine overheating, you can touch the water pump outlet hose, to feel the water pressure, to determine whether the pump can work properly. Can also touch the feeling of oil pump work, belt tightness and friction surface wear conditions.

Sniffing method

Concrete mixing plant machinery and equipment overload working condition, will produce odor, so with the sense of smell can also determine the working condition of the equipment. For example, the equipment of non-metallic materials appear burnt smell, it means that the wire is damaged.

Replacement method

Replacement method is to use qualified parts to replace damaged parts, periodically check and change the easily damaged parts.

The above gives you several fault observation of several methods, you can do!

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