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Daily Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Concrete Mixing Plant (I)

May 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant to work properly, NFLG will be the daily maintenance what should be done to summarize for the majority of concrete mixing plant customers to refer to:

1. Implementation of machinery and equipment maintenance

To implement maintenance of machinery and equipment, we must arrange for personnel to carry out maintenance according to the standard. Therefore, the concrete mixing plant staff to increase their own quality, management personnel need to have a sense of management, a clear goal and responsibility for maintenance, in order to maintain the smooth implementation of the plan.

2. Good equipment inspection

The basic maintenance work can be done by the operators according to the regulations, while the main parts maintenance is assigned to the personnel.

3. Strengthen management

Concrete mixing plant is more complex, so the maintenance requirements are higher. Therefore, a scientific method of maintenance needs to be selected, i.e., according to the type of equipment, fault characteristics selected, and the enterprise also needs to develop a management program. On the one hand, it is necessary to build up a team of personnel, as equipped with a high level of personnel. On the other hand to establish a relationship with the concrete mixing equipment manufacturers between the manufacturers can be consulted after the equipment failure to solve.

4. Choose the appropriate maintenance method

The occurrence of mechanical equipment failure of concrete mixing plant station can be divided into two main types, sudden failure and regular failure. For different failures, to take a reasonable way to detect and maintain. General key components are prone to occasional failures, and need to be regularly maintained according to the equipment life and specifications to reduce the chance of failure. And regular failure is the long-term operation of equipment, machinery and equipment aging, wear and tear caused by the need to observe and record the specific situation, scientific prevention treatment.

5. Good point inspection management

Compared to traditional maintenance methods, the advantages of point inspection management is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

Equipment problems can be found more quickly and handled;

Point inspection system through the continuous accumulation of information to gradually improve the maintenance and repair standards;

In the daily point inspection work, it can help the staff to master the structure of the equipment, so that the staff can strengthen the consciousness of caring for the equipment and establish the responsibility of protecting the equipment;

The implementation of the point inspection system can reflect the information of the equipment, reduce the failure rate and downtime rate of concrete mixing plant, and the accuracy of important information under the long-term implementation of the point inspection system. Managers and operators should be involved in the point inspection work and put forward their own suggestions, after finishing, feedback and practice summary, the formation of a perfect, humane point inspection system with strong practicality.

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