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What is the difference between mobile concrete mixing plant and ordinary mixing plant?

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Which is better: stationary or mobile concrete mixing plant

June 16, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete batch plant is an important equipment to produce concrete, according to the different needs of customers, there are fixed and mobile concrete batch plant, the common point of both is to produce concrete, then what is the difference between them?

The two kinds of concrete mixing plant batching device is different

In the classification of batching device, there are fixed mixing plant and mobile mixing plant. What are the similarities and differences between these two kinds of mixing plants? In fact, the concept of these two kinds of batch plants is not, it is a relative concept.

Since the working place of commercial concrete mixing plant is fixed, it will not move often, so we generally use stationary type. Due to the long construction period, at the end of the construction period, the mixing plant will be implemented to relocate to a new construction site or store the equipment, which requires the engineering station as a mobile mixing plant, easy to dismantle, such concrete mixing plant NFLG can supply.

The structural design of the two kinds of concrete mixing plants is different

The overall price of mobile mixing plant is very high, which is determined by the configuration of the equipment and the amount of concrete to be constructed. In a set of equipment, the business will provide you with a screw conveyor and supporting facilities such as cement tank and tractor chassis, so the price will be higher than that of fixed concrete mixing plant.

In the process of use, the product structure design of general engineering mixing plant is to minimize the unneeded parts, considering the basic cost of equipment and dismantling cost. some structure design of NFLG’s mixing plant is overall traction or batching machine, the main body is dragging and towing, called mobile mixing plant, generally small specifications, simple configuration, suitable for highway tunnel and other expansion projects and construction in remote areas.

Mobile mixing plant can be designed with tires that can be searched for can be flexible and convenient when changing work. However, its production capacity is relatively low. Fixed mixing plant is the opposite, the plant needs to use concrete to lay the foundation, the equipment is fixed on the foundation, the site basically will not move, which requires a solid foundation, complete configuration, production capacity is far greater than the mobile mixing plant.

The mixing method of mobile mixing plant is a little different

Because in the mobile concrete mixing plant, all the materials are fed by the batching machine through the belt conveyor, so it needs to have a good angle design, which will not take up too much space, but the transport efficiency of the belt should be strictly examined, we know that the larger the angle of the belt conveyor, the more likely it is that the material will be scattered and affect the mixing quality

Characteristics of mobile mixing plant

The mobility is reflected in the transport status of the mobile concrete batch plant, which is also the main difference with the fixed concrete mixing plant, so the design should be convenient to move. A few legs can be removed to carry out the transport work.

The installation and application of mobile concrete mixing plant is different from fixed mixing plant

As a kind of small batch plant, mobile concrete mixing plant requires light weight, easy transportation, less installation infrastructure and easy maintenance. Therefore, the portable mixing plant equipment usually adopts a two-stage process procedure with cumulative measurement method.

The weighing hopper of the batching machine is a major stress of the portable mixing plant, and reducing the capacity of the silo is an important way to control the net weight and volume of the machine and equipment. But sometimes when the capacity of the hopper is reduced, there is a possibility that the supply is finally broken, and thus the county must be equipped with – loading cutter.

There are two kinds of concrete mixing plant, mobile and fixed, available. For some small and medium-sized projects with inconvenient transportation traffic and narrow ground, mobile concrete batch plants are suitable.

The above is the difference between fixed and mobile concrete mixing plant, customers who need concrete mixing plant can choose according to the specific situation of your production line, welcome to our factory to understand, consult and purchase the batch plant equipment you need.

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