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Is the selling price of mobile concrete mixing plant high?

June 13, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Is it expensive to get a set of mobile concrete batch plant? With the development of science and technology and the new market, there is a new type of concrete mixing plant in the construction machinery and equipment industry, that is, mobile concrete mixing plant.

The difference between mobile concrete mixing plant and fixed concrete mixing plant

Customers who know about it know that the traditional fixed concrete mixing plant we usually use needs to be built with a specified depth of foundation in order to make the equipment stable, while the mobile concrete mixing plant only needs a shallow foundation as the foundation and the ground is hardened at the same time. NFLG offers you mobile concrete mixing plant, which can be purchased from our factory.

Our mobile concrete batch plant has various models and low cost, easy to build and transport, suitable for a variety of projects, and we supply you with equipment, including installation, after-sales service, etc., you can use later.

The advantages of mobile concrete mixing plant equipment

1. The mobile concrete mixing plant adopts modular design and frame structure, and the equipment is placed on the chassis of steel frame structure, which increases the stability and force area of the equipment.

2. There are links between the equipment and the equipment, which is convenient for transferring the site and facilitating the transportation of the equipment, reducing the installation and disassembly time and transportation space of the equipment, and prompting the equipment to be built and assembled into production quickly.

3. The equipment of mobile concrete batch plant is the same as that of traditional concrete batch plant, which consists of JS forced mixer, PLD series batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, electrical system and water supply system, control room, etc. The equipment has high production efficiency and good mixing effect.

4. The circuit system of the equipment adopts the form of quick plug connector, which reduces the wiring arrangement and installation time of the equipment.

5. The bottom frame of the mobile mixing plant can be designed and built in different forms according to the actual situation of the customer’s equipment site.

6. On the basis of the original, while safeguarding the problem of equipment.

To get a set of mobile concrete mixing plant, is it expensive?

Compared with the traditional concrete mixing plant, the mobile concrete mixing plant is simple to install and build, using the steel structure, which is convenient to transfer the site and install, reducing the installation time of the equipment, while making up for the shortcomings of the fixed batch plant. However, it is more difficult to transport and move the mobile concrete mixing plant, so the cost may be higher compared with the fixed one.

NFLG’s mobile concrete mixing plant is cheaper compared to other manufacturers’ plants:

1. because we have built the plant for a long time, the cost has been able to produce what we need, and now we focus on serving our customers;

2. is that our equipment adopts a variety of new technologies, which can increase its performance and functions while saving raw materials;

3. is that we are a manufacturer and cheap is natural.

Therefore, our mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively inexpensive, if you need, you can contact us, we will make a detailed introduction and quotation for you.

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