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Is it cost-effective to buy a brand new concrete mixing plant or a used cement mixing plant?

May 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

After receiving a call to consult the price of concrete mixing plant equipment, the user asked about the price after saying the specific model and idea on the phone, and after we gave a specific offer, he felt that it was slightly expensive. In fact, our concrete mixing plant equipment relative to other manufacturers, both in terms of quality and price are relatively affordable, but compared to his heart used equipment expectations that there is still a big difference. So in the end is it cost-effective to buy used equipment or buy brand new equipment? Today, we will mainly talk about this issue.

From the price above the word used equipment is indeed cheaper than brand new equipment, but machinery and equipment is not a one-time commodity, generally used up a dozen or two decades of time, look at the price alone is certainly not, we should pay more attention to the quality of the product, as the saying goes, a price a good, this sentence is not only the machinery industry, used in all walks of life is certainly. Of course, not necessarily expensive is good, there are many good and inexpensive things, but especially cheap, you use to rest assured?

The secondary recycled concrete mixing plant is basically some problems with the equipment, otherwise it will not be eliminated, some recycled equipment manufacturers may be in order to sell high prices and refurbish the various parts of the mixing plant, or some manufacturers directly a little transformation to sell, such equipment is really worth buying? Is it a good product at a good price? Obviously not, the equipment used for several years and how the brand new equipment can not be the same. But if you have to insist on second-hand equipment, then we suggest that you first check the overall appearance of the mixing plant, and then check the safety device and transmission device, if these are no problems, you can buy. But you have to be prepared to repair it, because the used equipment will not run as smoothly as the brand new equipment, and there are generally more places to repair and more trouble to use.

The brand new concrete mixing plant equipment sold directly by the manufacturer is different. The brand new equipment is brand new in structure, mixing performance, environmental performance, brand new machine steel, brand new bearings, brand new application system. Compared with the used equipment, there will be a big difference in price, but our factory can guarantee smooth operation in the whole concrete production line, safe fully automatic mixing, measuring feeding and discharging, and also guarantee the environmental protection effect.

Buying used concrete mixing plant is not as time and money saving as brand new equipment in terms of maintenance cost and labor cost as well as the project progress delayed by the time consumption. Never ignore the future use of the effect because of the cheap at the time, only think of the purchase cost, ignore the cost of use. Since you have decided to invest in a mixing plant, you should choose a large and regular manufacturer, do not be greedy for cheap.

NFLG focus on concrete mixing plant industry for many years, has rich experience in building plants, product quality control at all levels, will not let the bad products out of the production line. We always adhere to the factory direct sales model, there is no middleman, and the company will provide the right model of mixing plant according to the needs of customers, to avoid the waste of money and resources, stand in the customer’s perspective to deal with the problem, follow the customer’s views, to ensure customer satisfaction. Here, we sincerely invite you to visit our factory.

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