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How to maintain the used concrete mixing plant? - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

How to maintain the used concrete mixing plant?

May 16, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

The construction conditions of the used concrete mixing plant are harsh, and the chances of abnormalities in the concrete mixing plant are higher when the maintenance is usually neglected. As a result, it will cause the production of unqualified concrete and damage to the components of the concrete mixing plant. All these will bring losses to the concrete batch plant enterprise.

From this, we can find out how important the routine maintenance of concrete batch plant is!

When operating the concrete mixing plant, it must be operated according to the strict operation procedure. After all, concrete mixing plant equipment sells at a high price, and it is important to avoid the situation of equipment failure or parts damage caused by human operation errors.

Before turning on the concrete mixing plant, check whether there is any abnormality in each system of the equipment. If abnormalities are found, deal with them in time. Do not forcibly turn on the machine to cause more damage to the concrete mixing plant.

During the normal operation of the concrete batch plant, check from time to time whether the temperature of the motor of the main mixing machine is too high, and whether there is any leakage of gas and oil from the air pump, oil pipe and pipeline of each system. If any of the above phenomena occur, stop the plant and deal with them.

When the production is finished, clean the conveying pipeline part of the concrete batch plant to avoid the loss caused by the residual concrete in the pipeline, resulting in the phenomenon of blockage or corrosion of the concrete on the pipeline.

When shutting down the concrete batch plant, the wastewater from the cleaning equipment should be drained first to avoid rusting of the equipment.

These are the aspects of daily maintenance that need to be paid attention to in a used concrete mixing plant. Only by diligent maintenance of the concrete batch plant, can we reduce the chance of mechanical failure in the operation of the concrete batch plant.

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