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What are the methods of feeding used concrete mixing plant you know?

May 11, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Hopper feeding method: the hopper feeding method of the concrete mixing plant are HZS25 station, HZS35 station, HZS50 station, HZS75 station, these four mixing plants are classified as simple engineering concrete mixing plant, such mixing plants can be converted to belt feeding according to user needs.

Belt feeding method: The mixing stations with belt feeding method are HZS60 station, HZS90 station, HZS120 station, HZS180 station, HZS240 station, etc. All the above large commercial concrete mixing stations can be built with belt feeding method.

Originally, there is no boundary between hopper feeding and belt feeding of the mixing plant, but the construction is based on the user’s demand and the user’s capital contribution, and the request for the working environment in the vicinity of the mixing plant.

We have been at the forefront of the industry, constantly serving the needs of customers and producing the needs of the market. After the customer formally placed an order, the used concrete mixing plant can support online payment for the payment of goods, and will be delivered to the demand groups within a mutually agreed time, freight negotiated between the buyer and seller, and strive to effective and convenient in the transaction process. Our company will make unremitting efforts and focus on the pursuit of product quality.

So, what should be done for the safe construction of concrete mixing plant in winter? What operational matters should we pay attention to? Today let me to provide you with a detailed science, I hope it will help you!

1. in the winter construction, concrete mixing plant to develop winter construction safety technical measures, and safety education for operators to use machinery and equipment in winter, as well as the supply of cold materials.

2. take the appropriate insulation methods, winter concrete construction insulation methods are generally, warming method, heat storage method, steam heating method, etc., concrete mixing plant to take into account the local temperature conditions to decide to take that method of insulation. The main parts of the insulation are the heating of the mixing building, reservoir, sand bin, both sides of the flat belt, etc. During the production period, the heating is uninterrupted to ensure the mixing temperature of concrete.

3. Arrange personnel to keep in touch with local weather stations to receive weather forecasts in time to prevent the sudden arrival of cold spells so that corresponding measures can be taken in time to cope with them.

4. Electrical equipment should be checked regularly to prevent broken wires and metal from touching each other, and any suspicious places should be dealt with in time to prevent fire accidents from improper insulation protection.

5. The concrete mixing time in winter is longer than at room temperature. Strictly control the order of feeding, forbid to put in cement first, to prevent the phenomenon of pseudo-setting of cement, which affects the strength of commercial concrete.

6. Construction workers should wear insulated shoes, should wear insulated gloves, increase the necessary labor protective equipment to prevent slipping and falling.

7. The exposed line water pipes should be insulated and protected to prevent the low temperature from damaging the pipeline lines. For leaking pipes timely investigation and treatment, so as not to affect normal production;. After mixing, close the water pipe valve in time.

8. commercial concrete truck in the transport process, to use special insulation cover buckled in the tank’s import and export, to reduce heat dissipation.

Want to know more used concrete mixing plant information can always pay attention to us.

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