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The concrete mixing plant belt machine spreading material 1!

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How to solve the concrete mixing plant belt machine spreading material!

May 30, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is the production of concrete equipment, in the process of production requires attention to more matters, regardless of which matters, if you do not pay attention to, may reduce the yield and production efficiency, for example: the belt machine spreading material. This phenomenon, some people think is not a big problem, but this will affect both the production of concrete, but also affect the quality of concrete.

NFLG on the belt machine spreading this problem, to analyze for you, and send the solution:

Concrete mixing plant belt machine spreading material reasons

1. the sand and gravel aggregate unloading mode and unloading order problem

The general unloading order is to unload the stone first and then the sand, and the unloading time interval is required for the tail of the first kind of aggregate falling on the belt to coincide with the head of the second kind of aggregate. If the time interval is too short, the 2 kinds of aggregates will have overlapping piles of materials, and too many piles of materials will cause loose materials; if the time interval is too large, there will be empty space in the middle of the 2 kinds of aggregates, resulting in discontinuous aggregate material flow, and the first kind of aggregate, if it is stone, will roll and jump on the belt and fall down. The discharging order of the batching machine is sand first, and then discharging each specification of stone at intervals by delaying, and each discharging time interval is set long, there is empty space in the middle of each 2 kinds of aggregate, each material is not continuous on the horizontal belt machine, not a stable and continuous material flow state; when turning to the inclined belt machine, there will be a few stones at the end of each stone material flow with the belt forward at the same time in its own gravity Under the action of gravity, a few stones will be rolling and jumping with the unstable fluctuation of the conveyor belt running through the rollers intermittently, resulting in some of the stones of the former specification jumping and converging to the stone stream of the next specification, and some jumping out to the outside of the inclined belt machine, while the tail stream of the stones of the latter 1 specification will jump out of the inclined belt machine.

2. There is material accumulation on the hopper at the transition of two kinds of belt machine turns

Concrete mixing plant is an intermittent production method, and the aggregate is conveyed on the inclined belt conveyor in an intermittent cycle, but the inclined belt conveyor is in continuous operation during the whole production process. The materials accumulated in the hopper will continuously fall from the side plate to the inclined belt under the continuous operation and vibration of the inclined belt conveyor, and cannot form a continuous material flow and jump frequently, so it is difficult to be conveyed to the temporary storage hopper above the mixing plant, but only with the It can only jump up and down on the belt with the operation of the inclined belt machine, and then jump out of the inclined belt machine and scatter to the climbing ladder and the pit on both sides of the inclined belt machine.

Concrete mixing plant belt machine spreading transformation

1. Control program transformation program

For the problem of aggregate discharging order, by checking the control software of the mixing plant, it is found that the discharging order and delay setting of the aggregate on the control program are open and can be changed and adjusted by oneself.

The control software of the concrete mixing plant is designed to achieve sequential discharging by means of the discharging delay between the materials. If the concrete recipe changes, different recipes will have different weights of materials. To achieve a continuous material flow, the discharge delay time will be changed frequently according to the recipe changes, which is not conducive to the production arrangement. The raw materials of high speed railway concrete are strictly controlled, and the ratio and raw materials cannot be adjusted and changed at will after confirmation, the ratio is relatively stable, so the weight of each aggregate basically does not change, and a stable continuous material flow can be formed on the conveyor belt machine by reasonable delay time setting. So it is possible to determine the transformation plan of the control program:

Change the discharge sequence of the aggregates, with stone discharged first and sand discharged later;

Re-set the reasonable discharge delay between materials so that each material is partially overlapped on the belt conveyor to form a stable continuous material flow. In this way, the material will not have the phenomenon of broken flow and tail material jumping, thus avoiding the stone scattering to the climbing ladder and the pit on both sides of the inclined belt machine.

2. Hopper renovation plan

We think that the hopper is a guide device for the material flow to change direction, so there should not be stockpile of material, and the angle of the side plate of the hopper is relatively gentle, so the material cannot slide down from the horizontal belt machine to the side plate in time, which leads to the accumulation of some materials. Accordingly, the hopper transformation program was determined as follows:

Weld an additional baffle plate on the side plate of the hopper, where the material is easy to accumulate, to make the angle of the side plate of the hopper so that the material cannot accumulate here;

Installing a replaceable buffer grating in the upper part of the hopper, so that the material can change its running direction in advance and concentrate in the middle of the belt as much as possible;

Changed the sealed blocking rubber slats at the hopper blocking plate to stop the aggregate from extruding outside the belt machine. It is believed that these modifications of the hopper will reduce the recurrence of the phenomenon of stone scattering due to the accumulation of materials in the hopper.

3. Implementation of the transformation program

According to the established transformation program, the control program and hopper transformation were completed, and the tensioning device of the inclined belt machine was readjusted to correct the belt runout, which was successfully commissioned in one go. Through several cycles of production, the transformation effect is good, the material flow is continuous, there is no more material accumulation in the hopper, and there is no more phenomenon of stone jumping on the inclined belt machine, and there is no more stone accumulation on the climbing ladder on both sides of the belt machine and in the pit.

Spreading material is a common problem of Concrete mixing plant belt conveyor, and the reasons are many, so it needs to be dealt with separately according to different reasons, but the focus should be to strengthen the daily maintenance and proper use, which can extend the use time and save the cost of concrete mixing plant conveyor.

Our factory is a manufacturer of complete sets of concrete mixing plant equipment, the Concrete mixing plant belt conveyor is also one of the accessories, after our continuous research and development and , the problem of spreading of NFLG belt conveyor has been better corrected, relatively speaking, our concrete mixing plant belt conveyor is better, so come to see the whole machine and accessories of our concrete mixing plant.

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