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What do I need to pay attention to when discharging concrete mixing plant?

May 30, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant in the process of operation, need to pay attention to many matters, and the production of more steps, regardless of each step, we have to observe carefully when the equipment for production, so as not to affect the quality of the material and the efficiency of the equipment.

In the production process of concrete and ready-mixed mortar, sand and gravel aggregates have a vital role. In the process of sand and gravel aggregate production, if it is not produced in strict accordance with the technical specifications, it will directly affect the quality of the finished aggregate and will lead to the increase in the production cost of sand and gravel aggregate.

The concrete mixing plant sand material under the wrong practice not fast

At present, concrete is increasingly used in large and medium-sized cities and even many small towns in the mainland, and concrete mixing plants have been developed. But the batching machine sand bin in the mixing plant due to sand moisture content and other reasons often appear slow down the material, the vibrator often loses its role, many mixing stations to take the rod stab and other methods or even digging with shovels, not only affect the normal mixing plant, and greatly reduce the efficiency.

When the batching machine sand material is measured, the sand storage bin discharge bucket door opens under the action of the cylinder, the mixing device mixing motor also starts at the same time, and the sand starts to be put down into the measuring bucket.

The bucket door out of the installation of mixing device with and without the difference?

1. If there is no mixing device, the sand will fall down by its own weight or under the assisted action of vibrator, which often causes blockage at the mouth of the bucket, and it is easy to block when the water content is large.

2. It is not the same when the mixing device is installed at the bucket door, the sand is plucked downward by the mixing blade in the process of falling, so that the sand falls into the measuring bucket smoothly.

When the metering value reaches the requirement, the bucket door cylinder solenoid valve executes the action to close the bucket door and the mixing motor stops working at the same time.

What are the precautions for sand discharging from concrete mixing plant?

1. Sand storage bin with double bucket doors adopts double mixing device;

2. The location of the mixing shaft is as close as possible to the bucket mouth, but also to avoid the mixing blade and bucket door thousand involved, in order to achieve good results;

3. The stirring motor is installed in direct connection with the reducer and coupling, with simple and practical structure and space saving;

4. The stirring shaft and stirring blade are made of common materials, which are easy to use and maintain.

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