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NFLG teaches you how to maintain concrete mixing plant in autumn

May 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant work, in the spring and summer is better to carry out, to the autumn and winter season, maintenance work is more important, affecting the efficiency of equipment operation. Therefore, for the concrete mixing plant, do a good job of autumn maintenance work important! Good maintenance in autumn makes the use of mixing plant machinery and equipment growth, but also to increase the efficiency of the way. For the autumn maintenance points of the mixing plant, NFLG summarized several key aspects:

Maintenance of concrete mixing machine

Concrete mixing plant in the production of a period of time, for the mixing machine to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance. For example, check the gap between mixing blade, liner and scraper; check whether the mixing machine has the phenomenon of holding the shaft; check whether the discharge door and loading hopper are flexible and airtight, etc. If there is any problem, timely maintenance.

Maintenance of auxiliary parts

In autumn, there is a big temperature difference between day and night. After the concrete mixing plant is finished, clean up the residual water in the water tank, admixture pump and water pump, so that the pump pipe will be damaged by ice at night.

Maintenance of belt conveyor feeding system

Concrete mixing plant in the belt conveyor plays an important role in conveying materials, in which the electric roller needs to be changed after working hours, and need to change the oil diligently, before changing the oil should be discharged from the oil in the reducer, the practice is to rotate the roller, the two oil plugs at the same time, and rotate to the low position. The amount of oil injected inside the speed reducer motor should be in accordance with the value. Too much or too little oil will affect the normal operation and efficiency of the drum motor.

The parts that need to be checked after a week of use

Check whether there is any sign of loosening of the fixing screws of the liner plate in each part of the mixing plant.

Check the contactor in the electric appliance for damage and burnout.

Check the quality of lubricating oil in the air compressor box.

Check the wear and tear of mixing arms, blades and scrapers.

After autumn, the maintenance of concrete mixing plant should be done to reduce the problem of equipment failure due to climate.

The maintenance of the whole concrete mixing plant is the maintenance of the plant configuration and accessories, so regardless of the size of the accessories, we need to check the problem, find out the problem, the equipment for better care and maintenance, so that the equipment can be for your concrete production!

You can consult NFLG for concrete mixing plant problems and maintenance, repair, etc.

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