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Daily Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Concrete Mixing Plant (II) - NFLG | Concrete Batching Plants

Daily Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Concrete Mixing Plant (II)

May 15, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

In order to make the whole concrete mixing plant work normally. the maintenance and troubleshooting of its supporting equipment and accessories. only when the components are normal. the whole concrete mixing plant equipment can operate normally. Here. NFLG tells you some methods of daily maintenance and troubleshooting of the main supporting equipment.

In the concrete mixing plant. the main mixing building is the composition. so we should pay attention to this maintenance. The equipment in the main building are mixer. water scale and gravel buffer hopper. etc.

1. Concrete mixing plant. In the inspection of the mixer. the main observation of the wear and tear of its liner. there is a large wear and tear situation or has been damaged. to change the new liner. not in the mixer in the process of use through the bottom plate. The smooth operation of the mixer. with the lubrication system has a relationship. can not appear lubricating oil interruption. check and according to the manual requirements for lubrication.

2. mixing the main building has more than one scale. there is space between each scale can be active. the sensor to dryness and terminal installation of firm. in order to reduce calculation errors. Pay attention to the timely change of oblique belt motor reduction gear oil. winter and summer lubricants used to pay attention to the choice of different.

3. the mixer in general wear serious parts is the tank. as the main device of the mixer. the work operation and the tank are related to:

To check the mixer blade. shaft big arm. observe its wear condition. need to change. but also check the gap between the mixing host and the blade;

The production process to check the tank parts residual situation. there are residual to clean. can not run the process of concrete in its solidification;

During the production process. the discharge door should also be checked frequently. and the concrete residue on the baffle plate should be cleaned up so that it cannot affect the opening and closing of the discharge door;

The end of the day production. the mixer shaft end needs to seal the oil supply. can not let the dust and so on into;

Mixer in the maintenance of the power needs to be turned off and then press the emergency stop button. in the process needs to be watched;

To complete the cleaning of debris. the use of normal conditions can not let the equipment overload start.

In the concrete mixing plant equipment. mixer. batching machine and storage tank are the main components. so the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of these parts are required. which will be trained to your equipment operator after NFLG is installed for you. telling some possible failures and handling methods.

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