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Introduction Jianxin Concrete Mixing Plant Automatic Control System

April 20, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

With technological changes and development, nowadays in the field of precast concrete mixing, HZS concrete mixing plant equipment has become the first choice of all major commercial concrete plants.HZS mixing plant has been fully recognized by the industry for its excellent performance and fully automatic control system. So what is the fully automatic control system all about? As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, NFLG comes to explain about the automatic control system of the mixing plant.

The overall system of automatic mixing plant is mainly composed of storage hopper, aggregate weighing system, belt conveyor, mixing bin, cement bin and other parts. The storage hopper can store 25m³ of two different stone materials and two different sand materials separately. The four types of aggregates are controlled by four disc solenoid valves on the frame to control the hopper door (the hopper door can be adjusted by the adjusting handle to improve the metering accuracy), so that the aggregates are weighed separately from the storage hopper down to the weighing hopper, and then the belt conveyor is activated to feed the materials into the loading belt. The weighing system is equipped with a zeroing output before weighing, which automatically removes the tare weight and corrects the drop-off, effectively controlling the accuracy of the various aggregates. The output voltage signal of the weighing sensor is input to the PLC control system during weighing. The process flow of concrete production is that the control system is based on the amount of concrete set by the user, and the cement, water, sand and stone required by the controller are weighed and sent into the mixing bin one after another, and then mixed into concrete products, where the amount of cement and water is determined by controlling the starting time of the motor.

After the weighing process, the required amount of aggregates is set in the PLC control system, and the aggregates are fed into the weighing hopper through the hopper door, and the control system will close the hopper door automatically after the weighing is finished. After the weighing is completed, the control system will automatically close the material door. The feeding belt will lift the aggregate to the mixing bin by the rotation of the lifting motor.

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