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concrete mixing plant

How to solve these problems of concrete mixing plant

June 7, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of 5 major systems such as mixing host, PLD weighing system, cement silo, conveying system, control system and other auxiliary supporting equipment and accessories.

1. What kind of concrete mixing plant should we buy?

As the building aggregate metering is compared with the station aggregate metering, it reduces four intermediate links and is vertical down metering, which saves the metering time and therefore greatly increases the production efficiency. Concrete batch plant from simple to complex, from the previous imperfect to the present perfect, experienced a relatively long development, at present, the concrete mixing plant is moving towards the direction of environmental protection. nflg’s concrete mixing plant after continuous improvement, the direction of the development of the combined mixing plant, production of environmental protection, energy saving, automation, you can consult the purchase.

2. Concrete mixing plant should solve the two key problems?

Concrete mixing plant has been solving two key problems since its emergence, one is how to make the weighing accuracy, and the other is how to make the production efficiency. The accurate weighing of concrete mixing plant is the prerequisite to make the strict ratio in concrete production, and the continuous weighing of concrete batch plant is a better make to increase the efficiency of the project. Therefore, the continuous weighing capacity of concrete mixing plant is the development trend of concrete.

With the development of concrete industry, the requirements for weighing accuracy of concrete mixing plant are getting higher and higher, which puts high demands on the accuracy weighing control system of concrete mixing. Such a system requires good CPU and corresponding peripheral equipment.

3. How to control the quality of concrete in the mixing plant?

Concrete quality control mainly refers to the quality control of the raw materials on site, the quality control of the mixing process and the quality release process before the concrete leaves the factory, and understanding the tightness of the process quality control. Timely detection of concrete quality fluctuation and timely correction is the key control point of concrete batch plant, and the feasibility of using correction method is the key control point of concrete batch plant.

4. What are the methods to measure concrete collapse?

Nowadays, there are usually two ways to measure concrete collapse, one is to unload concrete from the concrete mixing plant to the hopper, and the other is to observe the concrete collapse through the camera lens installed above the hopper. An objective presumption is made between the flow rate and the suspended slurry as the concrete falls on the mixer. This presumption has a large error, often resulting in an overall thick or thin concrete load, in this case, a large number of concrete mixing plants are made to collapse by car unloading to achieve the release of the gate before the factory.

Above regardless of the choice of concrete mixing plant or some concrete batch plant failure problems, you can consult us, I believe that will solve for you in a timely manner. Of course if you choose NFLG equipment for the construction of the plant, in the production process, we solve problems for you For convenience.

Concrete is the aggregate of the construction industry, so the demand for concrete mixing plant is also very large, how to choose a suitable and good after-sales service mixing plant. Here, you will choose a suitable equipment for the development of the construction industry!

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