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Analysis of factors to improve the quality of concrete mixing plant products

May 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant is an automatic production equipment for mixing and processing concrete, how can we manage scientifically and effectively to improve the quality of concrete production and guarantee the quality of products more reasonably, which requires concrete mixing plant managers to understand and implement some important standards:

1. first of all, we need to emphasize the importance of the quality of concrete raw materials supply, we can arrange laboratory personnel to cooperate with material procurement personnel, control the quality of raw materials, timely sampling and inspection of incoming raw materials to ensure that the raw material standards are up to standard.

2. Before production, concrete mixing plant testers should test and record the mixing water, aggregate temperature, mixing plant temperature and ambient temperature, and adjust the conditions that can be adjusted to ensure that the production starts under suitable conditions.

3. After receiving the order of concrete mixing plant production, the laboratory personnel will test the moisture content of the aggregate, convert the construction ratio and give the batching order to the mixer operator, input it into the computer microcomputer together with the operator to confirm and sign for the record. Mixing station test personnel should carefully check whether the batching error of each plate meets the requirements, when the error exceeds the standard should promptly notify the operator to adjust the drop, so that the concrete materials meet the requirements (cement, admixture, water error ± 1%, gravel, sand error ± 2%). This test and check need to be for each test personnel, operators, should be done to know should know.

4. After the production of concrete, the laboratory testers need to test the working properties of concrete (slump, expansion, air content, temperature) in a timely manner to see if it meets the requirements of the ratio, if not, the moisture content of fine aggregates should be adjusted in a timely manner.

5. test personnel should record in detail the construction parts of the construction ratio, and establish the actual construction ratio ledger, so that there are data available.

6. The concrete mixing plant should regularly calibrate the electronic weighing equipment of the batching machine according to the requirements of the owner, and require physical weighing test to verify whether the weighing error is in accordance with the specification.

7. During the transportation process, the total rotation of the mixing cylinder should be controlled at 3000 rpm, and after arriving at the site, the mixing cylinder should rotate at high speed for 1-3 minutes before unloading.

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