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How to build a small concrete mixing plant

April 24, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Before building small concrete mixing plant equipment to do the foundation in place, NFLG concrete mixing plant years of mixing plant site layout experience tells us that the foundation of the concrete mixing plant is like the foundation of our house, the foundation work is not firm, investment in good concrete mixing plant equipment also has hidden dangers, especially small concrete mixing plant customers usually think, I built a small mixing plant site foundation almost It does not matter, often due to this carelessness caused incalculable losses.

The construction of small concrete mixing plant equipment foundation needs to pay attention to eight principles

1. the level of the foundation of the small concrete mixing plant must be tested with a level meter and super leveler, if the loss caused by the unevenness of the foundation is not responsible;

2. prepare the pre-buried iron according to the requirements of the small mixing plant drawing, the size of the pre-buried iron shall not be changed at will, if changes are required, the technical guide of the site must be notified to make written proof;

3. require the foundation of the small concrete mixing plant to be laid with reinforcing steel mesh, reinforcing steel anchor hooks shall not be lower than the size required in the drawings; the depth and width of the foundation shall not be lower than the size required in the drawings;

4. the dimensions indicated in the drawings shall not be altered at will, and any alteration shall be notified to the technical instructors of the site for written proof;

5. put the line according to the technical requirements of small concrete mixing plant, find a good reference point, the size error between the two foundations shall not be greater than 50mm, and use lime to spread out the center of the foundation and the size of the excavated foundation range;

6. pouring concrete after the foundation is excavated and qualified, the second pouring is required, the grade can be C20-C30;

7, excavation of the foundation, with steel or wooden pegs reserved for the centerline location of the foundation, marked clearly, the same foundation of the two pre-buried iron centerline location to be on the same line, deviation shall not be greater than 20mm;

8. before the completion of pouring pre-buried iron placed must keep the above and ground level ± 0.00 level and with the adjacent pre-buried iron level, parallel, and shall not have twisted angle, deviation from the center of the phenomenon.

Whenever you purchase our large and small concrete mixing plant equipment, our concrete mixing plant engineers will personally go over and sort out the site and instruct the customers to follow the strict foundation standards, and at the same time, ask for good earthquake prevention work when available. One of them.

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