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NFLG has developed a concrete mixing plant for UHPC!

April 26, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

UHPC is Ultra High Performance Concrete

Ultra-high performance concrete is different from traditional high-strength concrete and steel fiber concrete, and is not the traditional meaning of "high performance concrete" of high reinforcement, which has the characteristics of ultra-high strength, ultra-high toughness and ultra-high durability. "By adding a certain amount of ultra-fine steel fibers, the cementitious material with ultra-high strength and ultra-high toughness is realized.

As an ultra-high performance concrete, UHPC has excellent wear and blast resistance performance, very suitable for large span bridges, blast resistant structures and thin-walled structures and other environments, which is considered the best engineering material in terms of durability and is the future direction of concrete industry development. Following the trend of the industry, NFLG has developed and produced UHPC special concrete mixing plant for ultra-high performance concrete, which has been successfully put into use. The ultra-high performance concrete produced by Southern Road Machinery UHPC special mixing plant can bring lower dead weight, lower carbon emission and longer service life, which has won the recognition of the market and customers.

UHPC special mixing equipment adopts specially designed vertical shaft planetary mixing mainframe, with good mixing uniformity, high efficiency and no dead angle, concrete and fiber can achieve better dispersion effect, which can not only shorten the construction period but also create greater economic benefits; the whole equipment adopts modular design, which is easy to install and can be quickly relocated with the project.

NFLG can also be customized for fixed site customers. At the use site, the pre-mixed powder and other material mixtures, whether in bags or buckets, Southern Road Machinery has corresponding adding solutions, just add water and admixture in the mixer in the required proportion and mix well, then it can be used and poured, and now UHPC has become an indispensable material to help bridge and engineering construction.

NFLG-UHPC special concrete mixing plantis recognized by the industry for its excellent products and service qualities We also welcome industry friends to visit NFLG for visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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