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HLS270 New Environmental Concrete Mixing Plant

April 26, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

In order to minimize dust emission and reduce noise, NFLG has designed a fully enclosed main building and automated silo. The silos are orderly distributed and reasonably divided to meet the space requirement of sand and stone aggregate stacking in the mixing plant, and the appearance is also beautiful and atmospheric. For the treatment of dust, Southern Road Machinery equipment is not simply sealed, but equipped with high performance dust suppression and dust removal equipment at each dust point in the production process, so that the dust generated in the production and the dust bubbling when the powder tank is hitting the dust can be solved at the source of production.

The fully automatic silo conveying system is a highlight, saving time and effort, meeting the needs of automatic production and improving the quality and efficiency of environmental protection. The automatic operation mode improves the actual production efficiency and reduces the labor cost; it saves the backing up time of forklift and also effectively reduces the production safety risk. At the same time, the whole conveyor belt is wrapped to ensure no dust overflow during transportation. All corners and throwing points on the way are sprayed with dust removal measures to ensure no dust pollution in the conveying process. In addition, the application of this system also solves the problem of noise and dust pollution caused by forklifts and other equipment loading, which can be said to be a multi-benefit.

For the production operation, the mixing machine is closely related to the production efficiency, NFLG’s double spiral mixing machine adopts continuous mixing blade, the spiral blade continuous stirring, which can accelerate the overall circulation of the mixing material inside the mixing machine, and has a strong shearing effect on the concrete, and has a better homogeneous performance in a shorter mixing time, and high production efficiency. For the production operation of concrete mixing plant, the improvement of production efficiency means the improvement of production capacity, which can create more benefits for the mixing plant.

It should be noted that the low energy consumption and long service life of NFLG double spiral mixer can save a lot of cost for users: 20kW per hour, if the mixing plant works 10 hours per day, it can save about 200 degrees x 1$/degree = 200$; for important parts such as mixing blade and wear-resistant liner, imported wear-resistant materials are used, which greatly improve the durability of the parts. It is 2-3 times of the service life of conventional materials!

The control center of the concrete mixing plant adopts the intelligent control system independently developed by NFLG to monitor, diagnose and control the production operation of the equipment. With the help of NFLG commercial mix remote intelligent control system, it realizes unmanned production in remote and on-site, automatic operation of commercial mix equipment, production and operation data convergence, automatic generation of various reports, real-time transmission of production data from multiple stations and units, remote sharing and centralized management, etc., which effectively reduces comprehensive manufacturing costs and improves production efficiency.

At present, NFLG-HLS270 commercial mixing equipment has been put into use, and the results of cost reduction and efficiency increase are obvious. At the same time, the environmentally friendly production method has been well received by the construction units.

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