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What are the models of concrete mixing plants

April 24, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

This requires customers to know what are the best-selling concrete mixing plant models on the market, what is the productivity, how much is the price difference between concrete mixing plants of different manufacturers with similar configurations, and how much is the most cost-effective concrete mixing plant can be selected after a comprehensive comparison of these mixing plant construction indicators.

1. Concrete mixing plant model determination principle

According to the nature of the construction, see whether it belongs to the engineering station or and commercial station, if it is an engineering station can choose a simple small number of concrete mixing plant, so as to facilitate the migration and operation. If it is a large commercial mixing plant, we need to consider it very carefully, basically we will choose a large standard station, which can ensure the production volume and not put in short supply.

2. What are the common concrete mixing plant models?

Concrete Mixing Plant Model Introduction
HZS60 60m³/h Concrete
HZS90 90m³/h Concrete
HZS120 120m³/h Concrete
HZS180 180m³/h Concrete
HZS200 200m³/h Concrete
HZS225 225m³/h Concrete
HZS240 240m³/h Concrete
HZS270 270m³/h Concrete
HZS300 300m³/h Concrete

3. Theoretical and Actual Productivity of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete Mixing Plant Model Theoretical productivity
HZS60 60m³/h
HZS90 90m³/h
HZS120 120m³/h
HZS180 180m³/h
HZS200 200m³/h
HZS225 225m³/h
HZS240 240m³/h
HZS270 270m³/h
HZS300 300m³/h

4.Huazhong latest concrete mixing plant price list

Concrete Mixing Plant Model Reference price ($)
HZS60 200,000
HZS90 240,000
HZS120 360,0000
HZS180 600,000
HZS200 720,000
HZS225 780,000
HZS240 840,000
HZS270 900,000
HZS300 1,200,000

5. How to identify the real concrete mixing plant manufacturers

It is common for customers to be moved after seeing the low price of concrete mixing plant. It is also human nature to want to buy quality and inexpensive concrete mixing plant equipment, which gives some unscrupulous elements the opportunity to take advantage of, so Huazhong will give you a general idea of how to identify the concrete mixing plant low price trap.

Try to buy the equipment of the mixing plant manufacturers that everyone is using. The quality of the mixing plant equipment of small workshops is not only not guaranteed, but also the reputation, after-sales service can not be compared with the big manufacturers.

As the most famous concrete mixing plant equipment production base in China, NFLG has more than 20 years of experience in construction machinery manufacturing, so seeing is believing.

Compare the concrete mixing plant equipment configuration list, compare the equipment configuration and quotation list of several manufacturers, the company that does industry on the ground will not be lower than the cost price.

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