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Is a used concrete mixing plant for sale cost effective?

May 11, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

To build a large concrete mixing plant must have the main steel structure and external closure, and beautiful and can achieve the reduction of dust and improve the environmental protection factor of the components, in general, the main steel structure and external closure configuration is fixed, some users are not clear about the specific configuration contains which equipment, the following we will specifically introduce the following description. Concrete mixing plant main rigid structure part configuration: by the main station ladder, lower column, mixing layer platform, top structure, main station line channel, receiving funnel, walking platform, protective guardrail, small climbing ladder, railing and other components; concrete mixing plant external closure mechanism part configuration: by the periphery and skeleton, external decoration color double-sided insulation sandwich panel and other components.

With the hot concrete market, more users choose to build mixing plant equipment, and the early project completed or eliminated the mixing plant began to retire, some users choose to buy used concrete mixing plant in order to save investment costs, NFLG reminded users to buy used concrete mixing plant has the risk, purchase must be careful. Some users think that the concrete mixing plant is not only a few parts, it should be replaced by a new one in a few years, and they feel that it is too expensive to buy new equipment, which is not cost-effective. So buy used concrete mixing plant is cost-effective, the following we briefly discuss.

Priority, buy used mixing equipment, if the failure of the basic manufacturers to repair, and the purchase of used concrete mixing plant, basically over the warranty period, then a single failure, let the manufacturer repair will be more trouble; if you find a maintenance company, the cost is too high, and not very cost-effective. Secondly, many users do not know much about concrete mixing plant equipment, lack of experience in judging the quality of used equipment, it is easy to be fooled by sellers in the market, often in the purchase of equipment after a year or two close to the edge of obsolescence, which also causes great losses to themselves. So again, remind consumers that if the purchase of the mixing plant needs to be used for a long time, then it is recommended to buy a new set of equipment. After all, to save some money to buy second-hand goods may have a lot of hidden dangers.

NFLG a professional manufacturer of construction machinery, our company produces concrete mixing plant not only good quality, and excellent price, good pre-sales and after-sales service, we have professional installation and commissioning personnel to help users install and commission, and guide the user to use, welcome users to our factory to investigate and order concrete mixing plant equipment!

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