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How to solve the problem of concrete mixing plant footprint?

April 26, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Generally speaking, a concrete mixing plant covers an area of about 50,000m², but a local mixing plant in Yinchuan, Ningxia covers an area of only 6,000m² and has built two HZS180 production lines, including 12 aggregate silos, backyard, automatic feeding system, sand separator, etc. It can be said that "although the sparrow is small, it is complete", thanks to NFLG has fully solved the problem of site limitation of Ningxia Runheng Concrete Co.

Established in 2013, Ningxia Runheng Concrete Co., Ltd. has two concrete mixing plants in Yinchuan City, both north and south, with a total of four HZS180 production lines, with an annual output of up to 1.2 million m³ of various kinds of concrete, supplying three districts and two counties in Yinchuan City.

The two sets of HZS180 mixing plants newly put into operation by Ningxia Runheng Concrete are located in the planning area of Yinchuan Jinfeng District, which is a government-designated planning area for building materials. The area of the plant is limited, and the red line of the building is only 108 meters in length and 27 meters in width, as the production area of the mixing plant. In order to meet the customer’s demand, NFLG combined with the actual site situation, through elaborate design, the backyard was built in the form of a large stockpile of materials, the upper pile of materials, the lower production metering way, fully solving the problem of site constraints.

In addition, the main body of the equipment is the top structure of the powder tank, saving the floor space. Equipment in use, mixer hopper with temporary storage device, mixing concrete, the host can be set to open the door to discharge, with temporary storage bucket to the vehicle uniform discharge, in the vehicle is not in place, you can start production, greatly improving the mixing efficiency of the mixer.

The dust removal of the equipment is pulse type bag dust removal, and the internal pressure of the equipment is negative during the production process, which avoids the dust raising of the powder and prolongs the service life of the shaft end of the main machine. The powder is conveyed by air tank, which saves 84KW of total installed power than conventional equipment with electricity, and the metering speed is fast, which reduces the production operation cost.

The ex-factory concrete of Runheng concrete mixing plant is mainly used for the construction of Yinchuan 50GW(G12) solar-grade monocrystalline silicon material wisdom plant and related supporting industry projects by China Railway Third Bureau, Yongning Longchen Jiuyuewan project, and Shenyang Road Expressway project by China Railway Bridge Bureau.

During this period of use, NFLG’s production efficiency is far ahead in the industry, and now our key site projects are supplied with materials from NFLG’s mixing equipment, which is fast and of good quality, never delaying the schedule and producing with full confidence." The customer is full of praise for NFLG concrete mixing equipment.

From the preliminary design of the program to the installation of equipment, put into use, the whole process of the dedication of NFLG’s marketing staff, from a seemingly can not meet the site to build a commercial concrete station, in order to help customers solve the problem, a trip to the site, and customers communicate with the program design many times, and finally with the customer to reach the best design, the equipment is built, but also in the local industry also has a very high evaluation. The person in charge of the customer repeatedly said: NFLG is a responsible enterprise, worthy of the industry’s high-end brand, from design to use to service, are worthy of our trust.

NFLG-HZS series concrete mixing plant adopts high standard design, with the advantages of high efficiency, accurate measurement, environmental protection and intelligent control, etc. It is widely applicable to a wide range of scenarios, and is very convenient to install and maintain, which has been fully recognized by the market.

Led by the transformation and upgrading of "intelligence, digitalization and low carbonization", NFLG will continue to build high quality products, win the lasting trust of customers with the whole life cycle service, create value for customers, and show the strength and responsibility of the industry leader.

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